The challenge of professional retraining, under discussion at the third meeting of Execution of Opportunities

MADRID, 23 Jun.

The challenge of professional retraining, under discussion at the third meeting of Execution of Opportunities


Executives specialized in talent management and human resources will discuss the challenge of professional retraining (reskilling) that companies face in the new global ecosystem marked by digital and energy transformation during the next Opportunity Execution meeting, a Europa Press project in collaboration with McKinsey consultancy

The meeting 'Reskilling. The challenge of professional retraining', which will be held on Monday, June 26, will allow the vision of different experts to be shared regarding the approach to labor transformation, one of the greatest challenges that Europe faces in order to have trained workers for the professions of the future, marked by digitization, automation and sustainability.

In figures, it is estimated that these disruptive changes will force at least 20 million people in Europe to change occupations, which may raise fears among workers. However, at the same time, these changes will lead to the creation of 12 million new jobs.

The meeting, which will be moderated by the director of Business Development and Institutional Relations of Europa Press, Candelas Martín de Cabiedes, will be attended by the senior partner of McKinsey

The meeting will analyze the need to address 'reskilling' from the point of view of human resources, but also from the corporate business framework, since at the moment when aspects such as digitization or automation are crucial in some sectors, having trained workers will be decisive for the success or failure of an organization.

Due to the nature of the changes that have shaken society in recent years, there are areas with greater need for reconversion of their workers, such as those more closely related to the path towards sustainability or digitization.

For this reason, the round table will analyze the different ways of approaching relearning from the different sectors and will discuss related aspects, such as the difficulties of some companies to cover certain jobs despite the high unemployment rate.

Another of the points that will feature in the meeting is the analysis of the experiences of companies that have already faced this challenge, as is the case of the European Reskilling for Employment (R4E) program that various leading companies have promoted in order to favor the requalification of workers and facilitate their employability in new professions and digital skills.

'Reskilling. The challenge of professional retraining' is the third event of Execution of Opportunities after the celebration, on March 21, of the meeting 'The importance of communication in organizations' and on May 16, of 'Challenges of Artificial Intelligence. Opportunities and Challenges of AI in Companies'.

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