The Government gives Enagás the 'green light' to take over the Reganosa gas pipeline network

MADRID, 26 Ago.

The Government gives Enagás the 'green light' to take over the Reganosa gas pipeline network


The General Directorate for Energy Policy and Mines has authorized Enagás to take ownership of the Reganosa liquefied natural gas reception, storage and regasification plant.

The authorization is included in a resolution published this Saturday in the Official State Gazette (BOE). This operation authorized by the body dependent on the Ministry for Ecological Transition is part of an agreement by which Reganosa acquired 25% of the shares that Enagás maintains in the entire Gijón plant in exchange for the 130-kilometre network of gas pipelines .

Enagás agreed to buy the gas pipeline network for 54 million euros, while Reganosa would pay 95 million euros for its entry into the regasification plant.

The transmission network acquired by Enagás is included in the main network and, according to the company, is "key" to guarantee the security of supply and the proper functioning of the Iberian gas market.

It was in June of this year when the El Musel terminal received the favorable resolution of the Ecological Transition for its start-up. Previously, on February 17, the plant received approval from the Competition of the singular economic regime for its logistics use.

Enagás explains that the Gijón plant could provide up to 8 bcm ('billion cubic meters') of LNG capacity per year to guarantee the "security of European energy supply". Likewise, the company explains, it will allow the docking of ships of between 50,000 and 266,000 cubic meters.

Additionally, the plant has two tanks with 150,000 cubic meters of LNG storage capacity, two tanker loading bays with the capacity to load a maximum of 9 gigawatt hours per day (GWh/d) and a maximum emission capacity of 800,000 normo meters. cubic per hour (Nm3/h).

This network connects with the Mugardos LNG terminal and with the Tui-Llanera gas pipeline in Guitiriz and Abegondo and has three measurement stations (EM), three regulation and measurement stations (ERM) and thirteen valve positions.

The transmission network delivers natural gas directly to the As Pontes (800 MW) and Sabón (400 MW) combined cycle plants, to the A Coruña refinery (120,000 barrels/day) and to the towns of As Pontes and Cerceda .