The Ibex 35 signs its best session of the year with an increase of 1.7% and recovers 11,000 points

The Ibex once again displays unprecedented highs since 2017.

The Ibex 35 signs its best session of the year with an increase of 1.7% and recovers 11,000 points

The Ibex once again displays unprecedented highs since 2017


The Ibex 35 has had this Tuesday the best session so far in 2024 with an increase of 1.7%, which has allowed it to recover the level of 11,000 points - specifically, it has ended at 11,075.4 integers - which it lost at the beginning of the month in a day marked by the relaxation of geopolitical tensions, the presentation of business results and the publication of the eurozone PMI index.

The Spanish selective has spent the entire day in profits, while it has been expanding them from the opening to the definitive closing, a moment that has coincided with the intraday maximum thanks to the general positive tone of the index, since only three values ​​have closed with losses .

So far in 2024, the Ibex 35 has accumulated a revaluation of 9.63% and is close to the highs of the year reached on March 27, when it closed at 11,111.3 integers, a level that had not previously been seen since May 2017.

Banca March experts explained in their morning report that once the geopolitical fears have been shaken, the stock markets will be awaiting the results season, which this week "takes on even more relevance by publishing figures four of the 'Magnificent Seven'."

On the macroeconomic agenda this Tuesday, it was learned that the growth of private sector activity in the eurozone has accelerated in April to its highest levels in the last eleven months, driven by the continued expansion of the services sector, according to the composite index of purchasing managers (PMI), which has risen to 51.4 points from 50.3 the previous month, according to data from S

Specifically, the PMI for the services sector has accelerated in April to 52.9 points from 51.5 the previous month, also at eleven-month highs, while in the manufacturing sector activity contracted again, with a reading of 45.6 points, compared to 46.1 in March, at a four-month low.

For its part, the United States composite PMI in April has worsened, although it remains in the expansionary zone at 50.9 points; Specifically, the services sector has lost vigor, although it also remains in a growth zone (50.9 points), while the manufacturing sector has fallen more than expected and has moved into recessionary territory for the minimum (49.9 points).

Regarding monetary policy, the vice president of the European Central Bank (ECB), Luis de Guindos, has considered it as a "fait accompli" that the institution decides to ease the restriction of the eurozone's monetary policy in June as long as there are no surprises and The evolution of the data follows the same direction as in recent weeks.

In the business sphere, Enagás has reported a net profit of 65.3 million euros in the first quarter of the year, which represents 19.5% more than in the same period last year, a result that allows it to advance according to as planned to achieve the annual objective of profits in the range of 260-270 million euros.

For its part, the Renault group recorded a turnover of 11,707 million euros in the first quarter of the year, a figure 1.8% higher than that of the same period in 2023, as reported by the company this Tuesday, which after the results of the first three months of the year, has confirmed its financial objectives for 2024.

Also in the business field, Telefónica has reported before the opening of the market that it has reached 96.85% of the shares of its German subsidiary, Telefónica Deutschland, after completing the public takeover bid (OPA) for exclusion launched by the operator on March 7.

On the other hand, Grifols has announced the signing of a private placement of 1,000 million euros in 7.5% senior secured bonds, maturing in April 2030, subject to the usual closing conditions for this type of operations.

Given this situation, the most bullish values ​​of the Ibex 35 have been Grifols (5.25%), Fluidra (3.1%), Inditex (3.09%), Cellnex (2.48), BBVA (2.21% ), Amadeus (2.18%) and Aena (1.97%). Components such as Caixabank (1.81%), Banco Santander (1.72%), Banco Sabadell (1.67%), Telefónica (1.1%) and Repsol (1.07%) have also registered considerable advances.

At the opposite extreme, only three values ​​have closed with losses: ArcelorMittal (-2.57%), Acerinox (-0.85%) and Bankinter (-0.05%).

The main stock markets in Europe have also registered significant advances: London has added 0.26%; Paris 0.81%; Frankfurt 1.55% and Milan 1.89%.

The positive trend also occurred this afternoon in the Wall Street indices (the Dow Jones added 0.5%; the S

At closing time in the Old Continent, the price of a barrel of Brent quality oil, a reference for the Old Continent, rose 1%, to 87.85 dollars, while that of Texas stood at 82.82 dollars, 1.12% more.

In the foreign exchange market, the price of the euro strengthened by 0.36% against the dollar, up to 1.0693 'greenbacks', while in the debt market the interest required on the ten-year Spanish bond has closed at 3.271% after adding a little less than two basis points, with the risk premium (the differential with the German bond) at 77 points.