STATEMENT: E-Lentillas presents its innovative improved formula: greater oxygenation and guaranteed comfort

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: E-Lentillas presents its innovative improved formula: greater oxygenation and guaranteed comfort

(Information sent by the signatory company)

The well-known E-contact lenses company is preparing to launch its innovative improved formula, marking a milestone in the world of optometry. These new contact lenses have silicone hydrogel, a feature that promises greater oxygenation and comfort for the user. A great advance that is set to conquer all contact lens wearers with its launch scheduled for next week

Madrid, April 23, 2024.- The renowned company E-lentillas is ready to mark a milestone in the world of ophthalmology with the launch of its new contact lenses. These innovative products, with an improved formula incorporating silicone hydrogel, promise to provide greater oxygenation and comfort to users compared to previous versions and competing products. The official premiere of E-contact lenses will take place next week, in an event that is expected to revolutionize the current perception of the use of contact lenses. At the moment, E-lentillas has not confirmed whether any special promotional event will be held in connection with the launch. Although the company did not provide clinical studies or testimonials to support its claims, its high level of confidence in the improvements of E-contact lenses is evident. They are aimed at all contact lens wearers, with the key message that the improvement in the comfort and oxygenation of your eyes can be significant with this new product. Regarding their price, E-contact lenses are an affordable and competitive option, with costs starting at 9.80 euros. In addition, they understand the diversity and particular needs of each user, which is why they offer a range of specific varieties. These include different prescriptions and specialized options for ocular conditions such as astigmatism and presbyopia, with the availability of toric and multifocal lenses. So that users can try out the comfort and better oxygenation they promise, E-contact lenses offer a friendly trial and return policy. Customers can request trial lenses, demonstrating the company's confidence in end-user satisfaction with its products. E-lenses, with its new product, seeks to stand out in the industry. Their constant pursuit of innovation, combined with an emphasis on user comfort and well-being, make this brand one to watch in the optical ophthalmology landscape. It is important to note that despite the absence of clinical studies that support the improvements in E-contact lenses, the company's commitment to the optimal quality of its products remains clear. Therefore, only time will tell if these new contact lenses manage to meet the high expectations. All in all, the E-lens company is clearly prepared to present its new products to the market and increase its goals in terms of comfort, oxygenation and total user satisfaction. Next week, with the launch of the expected product, will mark the beginning of a new era in its trajectory.

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