The income declared in personal income tax in 2021 exceeded half a billion euros for the first time, according to Gestha

MADRID, 31 Jul.

The income declared in personal income tax in 2021 exceeded half a billion euros for the first time, according to Gestha


The income declared in the Personal Income Tax (IRPF) exceeded for the first time half a billion euros in 2021, reaching 502,047 million euros, according to a report by the union of Technicians of the Ministry of Finance, Gestha, based in the analysis of the statistics published this month by the Tax Agency.

In this way, in 2021 the increasing path in income declared in personal income tax in recent years has been consolidated, despite the slight decline of 0.5% in 2020 due to the pandemic crisis.

However, one year after the outbreak of the pandemic, the recovery of rents in 2021 compared to 2019 was notable, 7.4%. Salaries increased by 30.64O million compared to the pre-pandemic, 8.2%, and the income of the self-employed improved by almost 4.119 million, 12% more than in the pre-crisis year.

However, the technicians point out that savings income, mainly from the distribution of dividends, fell by 958 million in 2021 compared to 2019, 2.5% less, while real estate income reached the pre-pandemic level, rising slightly 0.6%.

Regarding the number of declarants, Gestha points out that labor contracting allowed for 5.4% more declaring workers in 2021 compared to 2019, the self-employed opened 0.8% more businesses, people who rent real estate 2 .9%, while those filing savings income decreased by 19.6% due to the dividend reduction policy.

The Treasury technicians point out significant differences in the variation of the average amounts with respect to the pre-crisis year. Thus, the average salary increased only 2.6%, while the average results of the self-employed rose to 11.1% and the average income from savings shot up 21.3% as the payment of dividends was concentrated in a smaller number of shareholders. In short, the average income of all concepts experienced a rise of 3.8% reaching 24,176 euros in 2021.

Finally, Gestha highlights that despite the increase in the results of the self-employed in the last two years, the average amount declared in the 2021 personal income tax was 12,924 euros, which contrasts with the average income from work of 22,377 euros declared by workers, pensioners and unemployed.

Thus, the 1.8 million professionals and businessmen in direct estimation declared an average of just over 17,000 euros per year in 2021, the 300,000 merchants and small businessmen declared an average tax module of 10,511 euros and in the case of the 780,000 holders of agricultural exploitations their income plummets to 3,417 euros per year.