The price of housing rises 9.7% in July, according to Fotocasa

MADRID, 3 Ago.

The price of housing rises 9.7% in July, according to Fotocasa


The average price of second-hand housing in Spain registered a year-on-year increase in July of 9.7% and a month-on-month increase of 0.2%, according to data provided by Fotocasa.

Thus, the price per square meter reached 2,150 euros and July became the seventh month in a row with an increase in the cost of used housing of more than 9%.

The Director of Studies at Fotocasa, María Matos, has commented that the excessive increase in prices continues to be the usual trend after more than a semester with such significant increases and that the impact of the rise in interest rates does not manage to cool demand enough. enough to clear the market.

He has added, in turn, that the most stressed provincial capitals continue to present very significant increases in prices of up to 20%.

In fact, in the 17 Spanish autonomous communities the price of second-hand housing increased in July and in six it did so by more than 10%: the Balearic Islands with 20.3%, the Canary Islands with 20.1%, Navarra with 18, 0%, Valencian Community with 14.1%, La Rioja with 11.4% and the Region of Murcia with 11.0%.

The regions of Andalusia follow with 9.3%, Cantabria with 6.7%, Extremadura with 6.5%, Castilla-La Mancha with 6.0%, Galicia with 5.5%, Madrid with 5.3%, Catalonia with 5.2%, Aragon with 4.5%, the Basque Country with 3.9%, Asturias with 3.6% and Castilla y León with 3.2%.

As for the autonomous communities with the most expensive second-hand home prices, the Balearic Islands and Madrid lead the table, with a cost per square meter of 3,721 euros and 3,494 euros, respectively.

As for the provinces, in 98% of those analyzed by Fotocasa the year-on-year price of housing rose in the month of July and, specifically, in 16 of them it did so above 10%: Santa Cruz de Tenerife with 25 .3%, Illes Balears with 20.3%, Alicante with 18.9%, Navarra with 18.0%, Málaga with 16.3%, Cuenca with 14.1%, Teruel with 13.9%, Las Palmas with 13.8%, Soria with 12.1%, Guadalajara with 11.6%, Cádiz with 11.5%, La Rioja with 11.4%, Lleida with 11.3%, Murcia with 11.0%, Tarragona with 10.2% and Girona with 10.0%.

Regarding the cost per square meter, the Balearic Islands is the most expensive with 3,721 euros, followed by Madrid (3,494 euros) and Gipuzkoa (3,386 euros).

On the other hand, the province that maintains the price per square meter below 1,000 euros is Ciudad Real (966 euros).

Fotocasa has also highlighted that in 47 of the 50 provincial capitals the price of second-hand housing rises in July compared to 2022, with San Sebastián being the most expensive with a cost of 5,962 euros per square meter, followed by Barcelona (4,453 euros per square meter), Madrid (4,387 euros per square meter).

In relation to the average price of second-hand housing in Spanish municipalities, this rises in 81% of the total of those analyzed by Fotocasa, in 94 it does so above 20% and in nine municipalities, above 50%: Fernán-Núñez with 119.5%, San Miguel de Salinas with 100.8%, Rojales with 77.8%, Xeresa with 70.6%, La Nucia with 60.5%, Malpica de Bergantiños with 52.8%, La Orotava with 50.4% and Orihuela with 50.0%.