The self-employed will pay monthly installments of 225 to 530 euros in 2024 and will be required to present the Income Tax

MADRID, 30 Dic.

The self-employed will pay monthly installments of 225 to 530 euros in 2024 and will be required to present the Income Tax


The deployment of the new self-employed contribution system based on their real income will continue to be developed in 2024, in which self-employed workers will pay monthly contributions to Social Security that will range from 225 to 530 euros, depending on their net income. .

This contribution system, agreed with the main self-employed organizations, started at the beginning of 2023 and will have a transition period of nine years, until 2032.

It consists of 15 installment tranches that in 2023 have ranged from 230 euros to 500 euros and in 2024 they will range from 225 to 530 euros. In 2025, the fees will range from 200 to 590 euros per month. Looking ahead to 2026, the interlocutors will have to agree on the sections for the coming years, until 2032.

The self-employed have the possibility of changing the tranche every two months, with a total of six changes per year, to adapt their contribution to the income forecasts at each time of the year and their professional activity.

The net income will be calculated by deducting from the income all the expenses incurred in the exercise of the activity and necessary to obtain income for the self-employed person.

On this amount, a deduction for generic expenses of 7% (3% for corporate self-employed workers) will additionally be applied. The result will be the figure that will determine the contribution base and the corresponding fee.

At the end of the fiscal year and once the annual net returns are known, the contributions will be regularized, with contributions being returned or claimed in the event that the final net returns are below or above that indicated by the forecasts during the year.

In this way, and due to the new contribution system, all those people who have been registered in 2023 as self-employed, even if only for one day, will have to file the Income Tax declaration as of 2024.

Before the entry into force of the new contribution system, only self-employed individuals who in the previous year had obtained more than 1,000 euros of net income in their business were obliged to do so.

With the new contribution system, one in two self-employed workers will have a lower contribution than the current one, while 25% will contribute more and 25% will contribute less, according to Social Security estimates.

In 2024, the quota for a self-employed person with net income (income minus expenses) equal to or less than the minimum interprofessional salary will be 225 euros, compared to 230 euros in 2023.

For those with net returns greater than 1,300 euros and less than or equal to 1,500 euros, and above 1,500 euros and less than or equal to 1,700 euros, the fee will be 294 euros, the same as in 2023 and 2025.

While in the lowest yield brackets the fee decreases in the period 2023-2025, from net returns greater than 1,700 euros the fee increases throughout those three years.

Thus, a self-employed person who presents net income above 3,620 euros and up to 4,050 euros, or equal to that amount, (tranche 13) will pay 400 euros in 2024, ten euros more than in 2023 but 90 euros less than what he will pay in 2025.

In the last section, the fifteenth, are all the self-employed with net income greater than 6,000 euros. Their fee for 2024 will be 530 euros, which is 30 euros more than in 2023 but 60 euros less than what they will pay in 2025.