The technology consulting firm Babel expects to invoice 1,000 million in 2029 with its new strategic plan

MADRID, 23 Abr.

The technology consulting firm Babel expects to invoice 1,000 million in 2029 with its new strategic plan


The technology consulting firm Babel expects to achieve a turnover of 1,000 million euros and that its gross operating profit margin (Ebitda margin) will be above 12% in 2029 within the framework of its new strategic plan, called 'HyperSpace 2029' and which will continue the current one, which ends next year ('Mars 2025').

In this sense, Babel had a turnover of 180 million euros last year (27% year-on-year), this year it expects to earn around 220 million euros and in 2025 it expects to reach a turnover of about 300 million euros, as stated in the company plan currently in effect.

Regarding the viability of the new plan, the CEO of Babel, Tony Olivo, highlighted that in 2020 the company had a turnover of 83 million euros and that its strategy included generating 300 million euros in 2025.

"Four years after (the beginning of the previous plan), we are meeting all our objectives, demonstrating that we are a company with a solid foundation and a healthy business based on a mature, realistic strategy capable of evolving. All the achievements achieved so far , and those who will come in the future, underline the strength of our model," added the manager.

In this context, the Spanish technology company's new strategy consists of combining organic growth close to 20% annually with acquisitions of companies of "much greater volume than those carried out to date."

Regarding this last point, the CEO of Babel, Tony Olivo, explained in a conversation with Europa Press that the company's objective is to acquire "one or two" firms a year starting in 2025 with business figures that move in a range of between 30 and 100 million euros.

The new business plan will also be one of "geographical consolidation", explained Olivo, who has assured that the objective is to become one of the 10 most important companies in the information technology (IT) sector in the countries in which that the company currently operates, so the possibility of expanding to new territories is not contemplated.

Thus, Babel's new strategic plan will focus on Iberia (Spain and Portugal) and Latin America, especially Mexico, Colombia, Chile and Costa Rica. However, it is also present in Morocco, Panama, the Dominican Republic and Guatemala.

Another of the pillars on which the new strategy of the technology consultancy will be based is the balance between the knowledge of the latest generation technologies and that of the main sectors of activity to offer the market "global and high-value capabilities" in all sectors. countries in which it operates.

Along these lines, Babel has explained that 'HyperSpace 2029' consists of basing its business and service offering on exponential technologies such as 'big data' and data analytics, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, hyperautomation and the 'cloud'. .

"The rise in market demand for this type of services has allowed the company to achieve growth, in 2023 alone, of 47% in these technologies with a profitability much higher than that of more traditional technologies. This investment will allow it to have very profitable growth and continue consolidating itself as a leader in these technologies in the markets where it competes," the company highlighted.

In terms of employment, Babel closed last year with a workforce of around 3,100 workers and currently has around 3,200 after the acquisition last February of the Portuguese IT firm KineIT.

In this way, Olivo has indicated that Babel expects to close this year with a workforce of around 3,500 people and that in 2029 the volume of workers will rise to 15,000.