STATEMENT: Two-time world walking champion Álvaro Martín receives the Picota del Jerte 2024 Excellence Award

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: Two-time world walking champion Álvaro Martín receives the Picota del Jerte 2024 Excellence Award

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Valle del Jerte, April 23, 2024.- The Cereza del Jerte Denomination of Origin Regulatory Council has awarded the Picota del Jerte 2024 Excellence Award to the two-time world walking champion Álvaro Martín, in recognition of his sporting achievements and his spirit of sacrifice .

The Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Sustainable Development of the Government of Extremadura, Mercedes Morán, has presented the Picota del Jerte 2024 Excellence Award together with the president of the Regulatory Council of the D.O.P Cereza del Jerte, José Antonio Tierno, in a event during the Gourmets Show (IFEMA).

Álvaro Martín, of Extremaduran origin, will compete in the Paris Olympic Games in the 20 kilometer walk event. Furthermore, this weekend, the athlete has achieved, together with his partner Laura García-Caro, one of the two places for Spain to compete in the new mixed relay event.

Martín thanked the award and highlighted the “parallelism that exists between the difficulty faced by the farmers who grow the Jerte cherry and the Extremaduran athletes, who have less infrastructure than in other parts of Spain.” “But no one beats us with effort and work,” he concluded.

“Now the road to the Olympic Games lies ahead and I hope that we can celebrate a medal with the Jerte Cherry and the rest of Extremaduran products. Extremaduran gastronomy serves as a substrate for athletes to win medals,” said Martín.

During the award ceremony, the Minister of Agriculture, Livestock and Sustainable Development, Mercedes Morón, pointed out that the “Cereza del Jerte is an ambassador of Extremadura.” In addition, she has highlighted “the importance of the work of farmers, which allows us to obtain top quality and sustainable products.” Along these lines, she has indicated that “appellations of origin and agriculture are fundamental for people because they help them survive.”

The counselor highlighted that the athlete Álvaro Martín “carries the name of Extremadura throughout the world and is an example of effort, sacrifice, daily struggle and perseverance.” “You deserve this Picota del Jerte Excellence Award and everything good that happens to you. Good luck in the challenges that lie ahead,” she concluded.

For his part, the president of the Regulatory Council of the Cereza del Jerte Denomination of Origin, José Antonio Tierno, has highlighted “the incredible talent and dedication” of Martín in the “demanding discipline of walking.” “We have in common the effort, the Extremadura origin, and the responsibility. The D.O.P Cereza del Jerte has the responsibility of guaranteeing a quality, unique and unmistakable Picota del Jerte. Like Álvaro, Picota del Jerte has shown to have exceptional qualities, while overcoming obstacles,” Tierno highlighted.

The president concluded by wishing Martín “the best” for his participation in the Paris Olympic Games.

The Picota del Jerte Award is an award that recognizes the work of all those professionals who, from different fields, help to disseminate and promote Picota del Jerte and stand out for their work and authenticity. In previous editions this award has gone to chefs Toño Pérez and Sergi Arola; the journalists Pepa Bueno, Pepa Fernández, Juan Ramón Lucas, Raquel Sánchez Silva, Ana Rosa Quintana, Jorge Javier Vázquez and Roberto Brasero; the program 'Here the Earth'; the actress and director Blanca Portillo or the singers Roberto Iniesta and Soraya Arnelas.

Álvaro Martín, the Extremadura sensation of athletics

Álvaro Martín, (Llerena, Badajoz, 1994), is one of the great Extremaduran athletes. He is specialized in the discipline of marching and his achievements speak for him. In 2023 he became double world champion in the 20 and 35 kilometer walk and in 2018 and 2022 he won the European 20 kilometer championship.

In addition, Martín has participated in the Olympic Games in London (2012), Rio de Janeiro (2016) and the Tokyo Olympics (2020), where he almost won the medal by placing fourth. This year he has all his energies focused on preparing for Paris 2024

Regulatory Council of the Protected Designation of Origin Cereza del Jerte

The Cereza del Jerte Protected Designation of Origin Regulatory Council is an entity that works to promote and certify the origin and quality of protected products.

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