The tourist boom during Holy Week increases the euphoria of hotel companies, which increase prices and anticipate records

Despite the rise in prices, the advance in reserves suggests another historic year.

The tourist boom during Holy Week increases the euphoria of hotel companies, which increase prices and anticipate records

Despite the rise in prices, the advance in reserves suggests another historic year


Optimism in the Spanish tourism sector is skyrocketing this Easter, a period in which they expect to break all the records of recent years both in number of visitors and in spending.

Many destinations throughout the country are already preparing the 'full' sign in their establishments, despite the fact that inflation has significantly increased their prices. The anticipation of reservations further stimulates a season that is once again predicted to be historic.

With less than fifteen days left until the first extended holiday period of the year arrives, the large Spanish chains consulted by Europa Press predict an extraordinary Easter, in which they trust to improve their income per room with high occupancy thanks, in large part, to the recovery of advance reservations.

The Tourism Board already anticipated a few days ago that occupancy for this Easter would be around 70%, mainly in large cities, which will allow Spain to close the "best quarter in the history of tourism." The advance of Easter to March is also causing an increase in quite advanced reservations this year, with ski and snow tourism being one of the biggest beneficiaries.

The Minister of Industry and Tourism, Jordi Hereu, also predicted these days at the ITB in Berlin a "historic" Holy Week in Spain, with two million more tourists and 3.7 billion more expenditure expected during the months of March and April, compared to to the same months of the previous year. In addition, scheduled seats on direct international flights for this period amount to 4.38 million, 5.2% more than in the same period of 2023.

Enthusiasm has established itself among Spanish hotel companies. The outlook for Meliá Hotels International leaves no room for doubt: an exceptional Easter is approaching in Spain thanks to a stabilization of all source markets, together with greater anticipation of reservations. With occupancy levels similar to those of 2023, its sales are 10% above the previous Easter, all accompanied by an increase in the average rate of around 15% on average in vacation hotels, and a 7% in urban hotels.

The hotel company chaired by Gabriel Escarrer stands out especially for the anticipation detected in its summer sales, which have advanced significantly with respect to previous summers. Rates will grow a minimum of 5%, even reaching double-digit increases in some places.

In the case of the Riu Hotels and Resorts chain, its reservations are at levels similar to those of 2023, which were already very positive. They are therefore preparing for very good occupancy in all their destinations, even surpassing last year's. The high demand from traditional European markets such as Germany, Belgium, Holland and the United Kingdom continues, which, together with the strong momentum of the national market, anticipates what could be an excellent year 2024 for the Mallorcan chain.

As confirmed to Europa Press, this factor of the anticipation of Holy Week has led to the earlier opening of hotels that close for the season, since they open more or less a week before the holidays, this year specifically on the 22nd. of March. Looking ahead to the summer, they hope to equal or even exceed the occupancy level recorded last year in all their destinations in Spain.

For the hotel company NH (Minor Hotels), the average occupancy of its hotels managed in Spain reached 38.6% at the end of February, more than 5 percentage points above 2023. By destination, the main figures for the hotel company are They are registering in the cities of Valencia, Marbella, Málaga, Seville, Madrid and Barcelona and in international destinations such as Frankfurt and Mexico City.

For Barceló Hotel Group, the good evolution of advance sales suggests that 2024 will once again be a good year for national tourism. And Spain has positioned itself as the main refuge destination for many European tourists, which is why its average occupancy has increased by more than ten points in some destinations. As of today, they estimate an average increase of 11% in their average daily rate, which has generated 45% more income, with a special impact in the Canary Islands.

The American hotel company Marriott also describes its forecasts as "promising." The most popular destinations in Spain are Seville, Barcelona and Tenerife, both for national and foreign travelers. Furthermore, for next summer the reserves are also very generous for both the Peninsula and the islands, particularly in Mallorca, which is enjoying a significantly higher rate of income than the previous year.

Optimism is also felt in Palladium Hotel Group, which foresees occupancy of 60% in the hotels it operates in Spain, with the Canary Islands and the Costa del Sol being some of the favorite destinations. In terms of ADR, it foresees a growth of 5% compared to 2023.

Looking ahead to the summer, they are managing a "moderately positive" scenario, in which they expect to sustain occupancy figures and even generate specific increases, especially in international destinations such as Mexico, as they explain to Europa Press.

Vincci Hoteles' forecasts for the coming weeks point to occupancy levels similar to those of last year, but detect a slight improvement in its average price. Eminently tourist cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Malaga, Valencia, Seville are responding very positively and this year they have noticed an increase in reservations, especially those from far-reaching countries, especially the United States, Asian countries and South America.

In the case of the Piñero group, the company's occupancy for Easter is close to 90% in the vast majority of its establishments in Spain, which represents similar figures to those of last year. The forecast increase in average rates is around 10% and its expectations for the summer are very positive, especially highlighting the growth of the British market.

Sercotel also estimates the expected occupancy in its establishments at 90%, a figure slightly higher than the 83% recorded in 2023. Its average price has been around 130 euros per night, which is 10% higher than last year. . Nearby European markets such as the United Kingdom, Germany and France as well as national tourists have drawn on reserves that still hope to improve further.

From Paradores, they agree on the diagnosis: it will be a good season for the national tourism sector, with an occupancy estimate above 2023. As they explain to Europa Press, expectations are to register an average occupancy of 75.4% in the ten holidays, which will rise to 80% on main days. The average rate will also slightly exceed that registered during 2023.