The unions estimate the monitoring of the two-hour strike by bank employees at 85%

MADRID, 26 Feb.

The unions estimate the monitoring of the two-hour strike by bank employees at 85%


The unions have estimated at 84.7% the follow-up of the two-hour partial strike that they had called for this Monday in the banking sector as a pressure measure within the framework of the negotiations of the new collective agreements in the sector.

Specifically, the monitoring of employees covered by the Banking agreement (80,000 in total) has been 85.5%; while in Savings (55,000) it has been 83.5%; and in Credit Cooperatives (17,000) it has been 84.5%.

The estimated monitoring figures by entities are the following: Caixabank (87.5%), Santander (87.1%), BBVA (86.9%), Sabadell (85%), Unicaja (87%), Abanca (50 %), Cajamar (85.5%), Ibercaja (85%), Bankinter (78%) and Deutsche (79%), always according to the unions.

From CCOO, UGT and FINE expressly thank the sector's staff for following up on the call and describe this partial strike as "historic", as it is the first simultaneous strike in Banking, Savings and Credit Cooperatives, while anticipating a similar follow-up massive in the 24-hour strike called for Friday, March 22.

The unions are asking for salary increases "in line with the benefits of the sector and significant measures that improve an increasingly unsustainable work environment." Specifically, they ask for salary improvements of between 17% and 23% for the entire four years that the collective agreements for Banking, Savings and Credit Cooperatives last. Although the employers' proposals are far from these revaluations.

The latest offer from the AEB is a salary increase of 8% in four years, a figure similar to that offered by the Credit employers (Unacc and Asemecc), although in their case the increase would occur in three years. For its part, CECA decided to raise its salary increase proposal to 7.5% in its last meeting.

The next meetings between employers and unions will take place a few weeks before the strike scheduled for March 22. Specifically, worker representatives will hold their sixth day of negotiation with the AEB on February 29; its fourth day with Unacc and Asemecc on March 7; and the seventh with the CECA on March 12.