Venca is committed to supporting small businesses in its 'marketplace'

Small businesses represent 35% of platform sales in 2023.

Venca is committed to supporting small businesses in its 'marketplace'

Small businesses represent 35% of platform sales in 2023


Venca, the online fashion and home platform in Spain, is committed to supporting and promoting small businesses in its marketplace, according to the company in a statement.

Specifically, the banner has three types of sellers on its platform: distributors specialized in the B2B channel, 'e-commerce' specialists in 'online' sales through 'marketplace' channels and small companies seeking to digitize their business.

In this way, more than 500 brands are already present on the platform, to whom it provides on the one hand a loyal customer database, a stable digital platform and access to marketing actions that help the visibility of emerging brands.

Thus, the 'marketplace' offers a consolidated and broad base to an audience of consumers interested in these items. This allows small businesses to reach a broader target audience and thus increase their online presence.

Since the 'marketplace' began, more than 50,000 small business orders have been generated, while being part of a platform increases consumer trust and credibility.

In addition, to streamline the administration of the products that sellers publish on Venca, they are provided with a tool that allows them to manage their stores on the platform, so that sellers can manage their stores in commercial terms, such as uploading products, assigning prices and control inventory. In addition, they also manage the orders generated, as well as all post-sale communication with customers.

In Venca, small vendors play a fundamental role, since they represent more than 35% of the total turnover. These companies have generated more than 20,000 units sold and more than 15,000 orders.

The general director of Venca, Jordi González, has stressed that "supporting local businesses is essential". "At Venca we are committed to the visibility of these small businesses. Our 'marketplace' gives them the opportunity to go digital and have the necessary infrastructure to make online sales. For this, we offer numerous benefits and facilities that allow them to increase their sales by be present in Venca", he indicated.