In spite of the promises of the vehicle – there is no electricity in the new 1-series

After the first 1-series arrived 15 years ago, there was a lot of the BMW puritans, who frowned on the nose. A truck in the Golf class? But as the years went

In spite of the promises of the vehicle – there is no electricity in the new 1-series

After the first 1-series arrived 15 years ago, there was a lot of the BMW puritans, who frowned on the nose. A truck in the Golf class?

But as the years went by, and it turned out to be the market, it was ripe for a own the car, in the halvkombiformat. Now, it's that time of year again-for the BMW fans to be horrified him. The new 1-series is in its third generation, is a front-wheel drive, a sacrilege in the BMW community.

as We have seen, the coming rear-wheel drive and a straight six-cylinder engines are not quite at the time when they are going to make cars in the compact class. However, BMW has had its engine and familjebussliknande of the 2-series Active Tourer, in production in the last five years.

this will not be achieved this time around, the new 1-series will behave nicely on the road. The chassis is derived from the koncernsyskonet the Mini-game, and that's why the car is now front wheel drive.

According to the BMW to set a new standard in driving pleasure in the compact class. I wouldn't agree with that description. However, BMW has managed to combine the ride comfort of a certain degree of pleasure.

framhjulsdriften, BMW has increased the innerutrymmena, something that has always been the 1-series ' achilles heel. Compared to the previous generation, is the legroom inch higher in the rear. However, calling it spacious is to take. I expected it to be more of a vehicle for up to the generous 2,67 metres between the front and rear axle.

the Height of the ceiling to the rear is a good thing. However, the entrance to the rear seat is tight, the shoes as well as get stuck in the doorway on the way out. And if you are on your way to the mittplatsen there is a need to crack the foundation of the tunnel.

" It is, oddly enough, of all the versions, not just the four-wheel drive.

in the program. The 1-series starts off with the petrol-powered 118i and diesel 116d and 118d, are all front wheel drive. At the top of the menu, we find a four wheel drive 120d xDrive and the sportversionen M 135i xDrive.

the Car I'm test-driving is volymmodellen 118d with a 140-horsepower, in a well-insulated diesel fuel, which is creeping up on the low of 1,600 revolutions per minute of the motorvägsfart. The engine sound can be heard mostly at idle and in the low motorknattret the disappearance of the higher-farters, the road and wind noise. The on-board computer is showing that it is satisfied with 0.6 of a litre per mile, which still is considerably higher than the official figure of 0,44 liter miles on it.

the learn is discarded by a large number of buyers, since it runs on diesel, which were labelled as the environmental culprit for the so-called " dieselgate, where many of the diesel vehicles emitted significantly less nox in a test situation than in the real-world driving. The emissions are the cause of asthma, and the smog, and is not to be confused with the greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide.

the Extra-sad thing, in this case, since BMW is a manufacturer who has made the most progress, with the exhaust emission control. When the German bilistorganisationen, the ADAC tested the dieselbilars carbon dioxide emissions in real-world driving in the winter, it was the BMW X1 1,8 d (made, are the best performers, with this particular engine. In both the test bench and in real-world driving, low, emissions of nitrogen oxides under the law.

the new 1 series will be launched in any of the hybridversion either laddbar or mildhybrid – despite the fact that the BMW is the promised electrification of all of the model series.

the BMW, would be happy to be a ”driver's car” and that's why they have equipped the provbilen with the sport seats, which could have been a little more generous in the width. Now here I am at the moment, even when the skålningen is set to the widest position.

for a More sporting expression of the Ceiling is black and the car interior is dark. Window to the rear, is tapered, and the C-pillar behind the rear door does not have a window. However, it does no more damage, the 1-series is the lättparkerad yet. With a length of 4,32 meters away, the car is a few millimetres shorter than its predecessor.
the instrument panel has been borrowed from the BMW 3-series. Photo credit: Tom Kirkpatrick
set taken from the new 3-series is adapted to the 1-series ' proportions. We have to recognize that the digital cluster in, TFT active matrix screen – a type of computer monitor of liquid crystal display – as well as the mittsektionens the screen, and the klimatknappar. It is commendable that you split up the functions, but the värmeknapparna leaves something to be desired. They are small, shiny, and requires that you move your eyes off the road. What's wrong with a knob?

Just like the rest of the new models from BMW, the BMW call a 'System 7.0', which provides a large screen display and connectivity.

the digital key makes the most sense. A digital key is downloaded to your phone, and then open the door by holding the phone against the door lock. Do you want to borrow the car, you can send a digital key to their smartphone. Table.

and the Boot can accommodate 380 litres . 200 litre with a cut down seat and backrest, which are normally in the class. The rear seat has a three-part backrest. Dropped the seat backs forward, to become the cargo floor, however, are not quite flat on the surface.

the Overall feel of the 1-series, which is a major step forward, mainly because infotainmentdelen, and it's more inside space. 118 diesel fuel costs from 284.000 dollars when it goes on sale in september, and it remains to be seen whether the increase in the 1-series, the presence in the market.
the Trunk is as large as can be expected of a car of the Golf class. Photo credit: Tom Kirkpatrick

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Date Of Update: 18 August 2019, 13:34

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