STATEMENT: Fernando Belasteguín Curarti ambassador in China

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: Fernando Belasteguín Curarti ambassador in China

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Fernando Belasteguín trusts Curarti Cremigel, No. 1 of Plameca's osteoarticular line

The formulas of the Curarti line are composed of natural ingredients recognized for their effectiveness such as turmeric, collagen and magnesium, among others, which allow you to maintain competitive joints.

Fernando Belasteguín commented "for many years I have trusted Plameca and Curarti as the best ally to maintain the demands that competitive padel at the highest level demands of me in each match."

On behalf of the laboratory, Oscar Fernández, General Director of Plameca added "his dedication and passion for sports and health, makes Bela a clear example of the values ​​that Plameca shares and the best ambassador of Curarti for this market in the that Plameca has been present for several years".

About Plameca

The Plameca food supplements and medicinal plants laboratory, founded in Barcelona in 1984, was acquired from Suanfarma SA by the Ara and Fernández families along with several directors after their departure from the capital in 2022, facing an ambitious expansion plan, both through organic and inorganic, the result of which was the acquisition, already in 2023, of the Galileo 61 digital platform in Madrid and at the beginning of the year 2024 of the Madrid firm ATP FARMA SL. With the acquisition of this company, Plameca becomes the first "omnichannel" supplier of this type of products in Spain.

Likewise, it undertook the construction of a new factory in Sant Joan Despí (Barcelona), whose works began in 2023 and will be inaugurated at the end of 2024.

The strong commitment to internationalization is also one of the great objectives of the firm, which already exports 50% of its products to 35 countries, with China, where it has established a joint venture with a local digital firm, being its main market.


Contact number: Isabel Faurat Solà

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Contact telephone number: 649812514