ANNOUNCEMENT: Acumen Academy reinforces its community of agents of social change in Spain

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ANNOUNCEMENT: Acumen Academy reinforces its community of agents of social change in Spain

(Information sent by the signing company)

The Acumen Fellows program in Spain aims to train social innovators who seek to build a more just, inclusive and sustainable world. The registration period, which aims to select 20 change agents who stand out for their sense of purpose, their involvement in projects that are generating a positive impact on society and their ability to inspire and influence action, is open until November 25

There are already more than 60 people who make up the community of Acumen Fellows in Spain. All of them have a positive social or environmental impact on society from different sectors to try to generate systemic changes. The Acumen Fellows program seeks to provide intensive leadership development training for people from different sectors dedicated to generating positive social and / or environmental impact, providing them with the tools, practice and resources necessary to address the most complex social problems of the present. A team of experts accompanies the Acumen Fellows at all times, giving seminars divided into five main capsules: debates on classic and contemporary texts, adaptive leadership, polarity management, storytelling and systemic thinking. This initiative was born in New York in 2007 thanks to to Jacqueline Novogratz, founder of the Acumen Fund, the pioneering international impact fund. To date, three editions have been held in Spain thanks to funding from the Open Value Foundation, the Spanish foundation specializing in impact investing, and the recent addition of Camilo José Cela University and Arcano Partners as sponsors. Until November 25 Registration for the selection process will be open for the next generation of Spanish Fellows who will form part of a community that brings together more than 1,200 agents of change worldwide. The program seeks people who are committed to positively impacting society, who are humble, resilient and gutsy, with a deep sense of purpose and the ability to influence and inspire action. Candidates must be working on a personal or professional level on projects that are generating social or environmental improvement and must identify with one of these four profiles: • Social Dynamizers: Their purpose is to raise awareness and mobilize citizens. • Social Entrepreneurs: People who start and/or are part of a project or organization, for-profit or non-profit, whose purpose is to solve social and/or environmental problems present in society. • Intrapreneurs: they mobilize economic resources and talent towards the generation of a large-scale social and/or environmental impact. • Public administration: People who seek to generate alliances between the different sectors to promote initiatives. Key dates of the selection process All applications will be received until November 25 and March 4 Next year the selection test of the 20 final participants will be carried out.

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