ANNOUNCEMENT: Nace Inverso Group, la (r)evolución inmobiliaria

Madrid, August 24.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Nace Inverso Group, la (r)evolución inmobiliaria

Madrid, August 24

The Spanish real estate sector is about to experience a true innovative "revolution", possibly the largest in its history, due to its full integration with cutting-edge technologies. This is Inverso Group, a new corporation that launches technological solutions designed for the development of entrepreneurs and investors in this sector.

Inverso Group was born as a corporate group, a pioneer in technological innovation, which offers solutions for companies and real estate investors. "Many of them are based on state-of-the-art technology. They are technological solutions, specifically focused on the development of real estate entrepreneurs and investors," says César Rivero Pavón, who is one of their creators. In the Inverso Group business group, they are already available at first different business units and different real estate solutions. Namely: The first of these is InversoRES Real State School, a Real Estate Education platform, which teaches a Rent to Rent master, in which the focus is to "go beyond theory, to guide students from the beginning in learning until your first successful rental", and another master Flipping House, an elite program that "is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of all key areas of Flipping House". InversoRES has a 24/7 virtual campus and unlimited access to resources, among many other high-value services. It has the national Certification by the Spanish Association of Business Schools (AEEN) and the Continental Certification by the European Union of Private Higher Education (EUPHE).InversoRED The second business unit is InversoRED. It constitutes the best real estate alternative, because it is a Franchise Network that, within the Inverso Group, offers the possibility of franchising two independent brands, such as Viflip and RentaYa. InversoRED will soon offer new franchise models and possibilities for the real estate sector .Inverso Token: blockchain technology Inverso Token is the tokenized investment platform. It is one of the first 100% blockchain projects, through which a person can make investments in operations of the aforementioned brands, Viflip and RentaYa, as well as new ones that may arise. The management is carried out from home, through the mobile phone or from your computer, using blockchain technology. This platform will be regulated by the competent official body, such as the CNMV (National Securities Market Commission). Currently, it is in the process of submitting to said regulation. The project is at the forefront of the real estate sector and is one of the first developments of its kind, which will have a massive profile, which is in line with the objective of minimize the barriers to operating in Real Estate.Tokenization within everyone's reach Tokenization allows a real estate property to be divided into a certain number of shares, in such a way that these can be acquired by almost all types of investors.This is Inverso Group , a business group completely independent from the autonomous brands Viflip and RentaYa. Viflip, is the real estate solution that reforms to sell, partnering with owners, and RentaYa is the real estate solution that rents properties, adapts spaces and makes them available to tenants students or working tenants. That is to say: stable and sustained occupancy tenants, which lasts over periods of time that are in no case short, thus avoiding high housing turnover and use as a "tourist apartment".

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