ANNOUNCEMENT: Shenzhen MOCAUP will host Ding Yi: Cross Galaxy

SHENZHEN, China, Aug.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Shenzhen MOCAUP will host Ding Yi: Cross Galaxy

SHENZHEN, China, Aug. 15, 2023/PRNewswire/ -- The Shenzhen Museum of Contemporary Art and Urban Planning ("SZ MOCAUP") announces the launch of an exhibition, titled "Ding Yi: Cross Galaxy", which will be held at held from August 16 to October 15, 2023. The exhibition breaks the linear narrative from time to time, selecting more than 60 classic works from Ding Yi's "Cross" series from the 1980s, tracing the artist's creation for more than 30 years from different perspectives. New paintings, installations and digital artworks created by Ding Yi especially for Shenzhen will also be featured.

Ding Yi is well known as a geometric abstract artist who uses the character " " and grids. These symbols, reminiscent of mathematical formulas, have become an aesthetic label for Ding Yi's art for the past 30 years.

His abstract art was born in 1988. The 1980s of Chinese contemporary art was a huge laboratory in which all kinds of avant-garde and experimental art forms emerged, riding the wave of reform and opening-up policies. Witnessing a break with the past and a subversion of values ​​in which novelty itself is seen as a virtue, Ding Yi distanced himself from the frenzy. He started looking for trivial things that are small, humble and insignificant, and difficult to consider as art materials. He found the symbols "x" and "" which are familiar to the public but have no specific meaning. These symbols can be seen as a rejection of the expression of centrality in the values ​​and conventions that claim it.

Ding Yi's solo exhibition, hosted by Yongwoo Lee, is like a kind of autobiography, showing the entire process of Ding Yi's art over the past 35 years, from his beginnings to the present. Instead of the usual chronological way of presenting his work, this exhibition is organized under the chapters "Sense and nonsense", "Dwelling and drift", "Figurative abstraction" and "Living beings". Beyond the painting of "densely patterned paintings", the exhibition shows a great change in his work in which the beauty of negative space gradually emerges. In particular, a fan suspended in the air in the form of "" is presented, expanding the three-dimensional expression of the "x" that he showed in his past sculptures and installations. Ding Yi's art, which started from the sign of the cross, is thus a crossed galaxy and an epic where life breathes.

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