ANNOUNCEMENT: Snapmaker's First IDEX J1 3D Printer Is Now Available for Preorder

SHENZHEN, China, Nov.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Snapmaker's First IDEX J1 3D Printer Is Now Available for Preorder

SHENZHEN, China, Nov. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Digital manufacturer Snapmaker unveils its latest IDEX J1 3D printer, which is ready for pre-order on the official store starting November 8.

J1 is Snapmaker's first IDEX 3D printer, providing:

Featuring an independent extruder system (IDEX), it allows two separate extruders to move independently, enabling various exciting print modes such as copy, mirror and backup mode to bring your printing experience to a completely new level. new. In addition, IDEX offers the cleanest two-extruder solution that prevents cross-contamination. For its part, the J1 admits PVA and other dissolvable materials. You can tackle hollow structures, complex parts with overhangs, or precise parts with great detail.

Compared to the leading IDEX 3D printers on the market, one of the most outstanding features of the J1 is the high printing speed. Thanks to the optimization of vibration compensation technology, it guarantees a revolutionary increase in speed to increase the printing speed up to 350mm/s. It allows to print two banks in 22 minutes. The advanced algorithm also reduces vibration caused by high-speed movements, minimizing ringing to improve print quality.

In addition, the body of the J1 is made up of a one-piece die-casting upper frame and base, and four aluminum alloy bars to ensure its rigidity. The J1 can also print delicate models with details, as its high-precision linear rails ensure stable movements.

Snapmaker J1 is available on the official store. The reserve price is $1,099 with free shipping, $300 off the retail price. Also, the Snapmaker Black Friday sale is underway. From November 8 to December 1, customers can enjoy up to 40% discount. Plus, it features wheels of fortune, flash sales, and best price deals on product bundles, meaning customers even have the chance to get up to 45% off select products.

About Snapmaker

Founded in 2016, Snapmaker is a technology company that develops, manufactures and sells 3-in-1 desktop 3D printers that integrate 3D printing, laser engraving and cutting, and CNC carving. Snapmaker's flagship product, the Snapmaker 2.0 3-in-1 3D Printer, broke a record in 2019 as the most crowdfunded 3D printer on Kickstarter and won the CES 2020 Innovation Award and the 2022 iF Design Award.

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