STATEMENT: Torta del Casar receives two awards at Madrid Gourmets

(Information sent by the signatory company).

STATEMENT: Torta del Casar receives two awards at Madrid Gourmets

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Casar de Cáceres, April 25, 2024. – D.O.P. cheeses. Torta del Casar Flor de la Dehesa and Gran Tajo Selección have been awarded in the fourteenth GourmetQuesos contest, which has established itself as one of the most important contests held in Spain, and to which more than 900 applications have been submitted. The contest was held during the first day of the Salón de Gourmets 2024, and this Thursday, April 25, the awards ceremony took place.

The award-winning cheeses earned their place on the Madrid Gourmets podium after a blind tasting, in which the Torta del Casar D.O.P Flor de la Dehesa has been distinguished as one of the ten best Spanish cheeses for export, in the 'Cheese' category. from Spain Awards'. Likewise, Gran Tajo Selección has reaffirmed its position in the market by winning second prize in the category “Soft Cheeses with Vegetable Coagulant”.

The jury, made up of 60 expert tasters made up of master cheese makers, food journalists, chefs, purchasing managers for large stores and restaurant managers, has had the difficult task of choosing the 20 winners corresponding to each of the categories.

La Torta del Casar D.O.P Flor de la Dehesa has been crowned one of the ten winners of the 'Cheese from Spain Awards'. A newly created category, promoted by the public entity ICEX Spain Exportation and Investment with the intention of selecting the best national cheeses with export potential for promotion in international markets.

According to the director of the Regulatory Council, Javier Muñoz, “the cheese made by Los Casareños will be able to access a wide number of promotion and communication actions in countries such as the United Kingdom, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Germany, France and the United States.” “Thanks to the ICEX program, Torta del Casar Flor de la Dehesa will participate in various dissemination activities on an international scale, which, together with the rest of the winners, will serve as a sample of the excellence of Spanish cheeses abroad,” adds Muñoz. .

For its part, the Torta del Casar D.O.P Gran Tajo Selección, continues to be one of the most valued products of the Iberqués Extremadura cheese factory, since it has been awarded by the Madrid Gourmets experts in previous editions. Last year, it won first prize in the same category, and in this call it returns to the GourmetQuesos podium with a second place, which distinguishes it as one of the best national cheeses in its sector.

Gourmets Hall, International Fair of Quality Food and Beverages

Salón Gourmets is the most exclusive quality Food and Beverage Fair in Europe and one of the most prestigious references in the world. This year's thirty-seventh edition was held between April 22 and 25, and has received some 100,000 visitors from 85 countries, welcomed more than 2,000 exhibitors and offered 55,000 different products. It is the best showcase of high-end trends and the reference meeting for national and international professionals in the gastronomic sector.

In this edition, contests, championships, awards, tastings and show cookings have been held. Among the various activities, the Gourmet Cheeses, Championship of the Best Cheeses in Spain or the Dehesa de Extremadura Ham Cutters competition stand out. In addition, the event was attended by renowned chefs such as Pepa Muñoz, Andrea Tumbarello, Elena Arzak and Íñigo Urrechu.

Regulatory Council of the Protected Designation of Origin (D.O.P.) Torta del Casar

D.O.P. cheeses Torta del Casar is made only in cheese factories registered in the records of the Regulatory Council, which works every day to guarantee its origin and quality, controlling the purity of the production process for the full safety and confidence of consumers.

The Protected Designation of Origin protects this cheese with ancient tradition and unique and differentiating qualities. Therefore, when you want to enjoy an authentic D.O.P. cheese. Torta del Casar, you have to look for its exclusive control label in which the logo of the Regulatory Council is joined to that of the European Union, the only guarantee of the choice made and international recognition.

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