COMMUNICATION: Drinking water treatment projects with ICASUR professionals

Madrid, February 13, 2024.

COMMUNICATION: Drinking water treatment projects with ICASUR professionals

Madrid, February 13, 2024

To supply communities, cities and towns, governments and public administrations need to have drinking water treatment plants. These facilities process resources from surface or underground sources, rivers, lagoons and streams. In turn, they must reduce or eliminate concentrations of elements that are harmful to health. In this way, it is possible to obtain water for human consumption.

One of the Spanish companies specializing in this type of projects is ICASUR (Engineering, Construction, Architecture and Urban Services). This company has extensive experience, both in drinking and waste water treatment plants. In the latter case, the product obtained is not suitable for human consumption, but it is suitable for other activities such as, for example, agricultural irrigation, irrigation of parks and gardens, irrigation of golf courses, etc.

To install a plant and obtain water for human consumption, the first thing to do is capture the resource that is going to be treated. In turn, to carry out this operation, the plants have bars and filters that prevent the entry of waste, vegetation, stones and sand, animals, etc. In addition, it is necessary to have a sand trap to settle particles suspended in the water and prevent damage to the pumps.

In particular, ICASUR carries out drinking water treatment projects with different techniques such as, for example, decantation, filtration, microfiltration and seawater desalination. Generally, these plants use chemicals and coagulants to eliminate all the impurities in the water. Finally, chlorine is added to ensure both quality and drinkability.

On the other hand, wastewater treatment plants are used to remove contaminants and organic remains that have been discharged through urban sanitation and sewage networks.

Once the resource is clean, it is returned to the sea, a river or a lake. It can also be used in different activities excluding human consumption.

Generally, these plants are used to work with water discharged by companies, wineries, factories or communities, among other alternatives.

This company has also participated in multiple projects for collecting raw water and installing pumping stations, conduction lines or regulating tanks, and seawater desalination. On the other hand, it has experience in installing home measurement and distribution systems.

Finally, its professionals can create rural aqueducts for small residential areas that are poorly connected to large urban centers. In these cases, it is possible to have small transportable treatment plants to process the water obtained from surface sources or wells. In turn, these equipment allow distribution to different points in a town.

ICASUR is one of the leading Spanish companies when it comes to designing and executing different drinking water treatment and desalination projects.

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