PRESS RELEASE: Huawei Launches "F2F2X" Data Infrastructure Architecture

- Huawei Launches "F2F2X" Data Infrastructure Architecture to Help Financial Institutions Build Modern "4" Data Centers in the Intelligent Era.

PRESS RELEASE: Huawei Launches "F2F2X" Data Infrastructure Architecture

- Huawei Launches "F2F2X" Data Infrastructure Architecture to Help Financial Institutions Build Modern "4" Data Centers in the Intelligent Era

SHANGHAI, June 12, 2023/PRNewswire/ -- Huawei launched its innovative F2F2X (Flash-to-Flash-to-Anything) data center data infrastructure architecture at the Financial Data Warehouse Session, a part of the Huawei Smart Finance Summit 2023.

This architecture forms a trusted database to help financial institutions manage the challenges presented by new data, new applications, and new resilience.

For banks, intelligence is driving the creation of new business scenarios and models. A host of new services are emerging, including personalization, smart contracts, digital assets, and metaverse banking, posing three challenges for banks' existing data infrastructure.

Data processing for massive amounts of new data: IDC estimates that by 2025, the amount of data generated by banks worldwide will reach 48.6 zettabytes, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 26.2% . Banks will need to address the capacity, performance, and energy efficiency challenges posed by vast amounts of unstructured data.

New containerization applications for banks create new data management challenges: 89% of companies are transitioning to multi-cloud business strategies. In the multi-cloud era, efficient data flow between different applications and media will become a new challenge for bank data management.

New increased data resilience against rampant ransomware attacks: A successful enterprise ransomware attack causes an average loss of US$7.8 million.

Huawei's F2F2X architecture provides all-flash primary and backup storage and diversified file storage. This architecture is designed to efficiently unlock the potential of data and activate the potential of "4" data centers (Data Acceleration, Data Resiliency, Data Mobility, Data Management).

Data acceleration – Core technologies such as decoupled compute and storage and multi-controller and multi-asset architecture accelerate data processing in new scenarios of financial data storage and financial digital core, backup and all-flash primary storage and perform 30% better than the next best in the industry.

Data Resilience: Huawei's unique machine learning (ML) algorithm has the highest detection rate in the industry (99.9%) and is the last line of defense for data protection with a ransomware protection solution 4 layer storage.

Data Mobility – Six intelligent data tiering capabilities and the DME global data scheduling engine ensure the lowest TCO throughout the data lifecycle.

Data Management: Focusing on service scenarios such as financial data analytics and AI, Huawei's intelligent data lifecycle management platform DME enables second-level search of 10 billion files, intelligent multi-dimensional file information capabilities, quickly identify the distribution of hot and cold data, and intelligently nest or delete data, improving management efficiency.

Spark Wang, Director of Cybersecurity and Privacy at PwC China, said: "For ransomware attacks, we must improve network-side protection to reduce the risks of attacks. In addition, data resilience must also improve. In Should network-side attacks fail to protect, we must take swift action to prevent data from being encrypted and provide immediate attack warnings Should production data be encrypted or the entire data center is 'tainted' , we must retain a complete and clean data copy for rapid service system recovery."

Michael Fan, Vice President of Global Data Center Solutions Sales and Marketing at Huawei Enterprise BG, said, "Huawei's data infrastructure products and solutions have been used by more than 1,300 financial institutions around the world. data center customers' desire "4 " motivates us to always innovate. With the F2F2X architecture as a model, we will continue to increase investment in R D and build a "more reliable, efficient and greener" database for the financial industry Meet Business Challenges in the Smart Era".

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