RELEASE: Allianz expands its savings and investment offering with the Target Maturity Euro Bond III fund

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RELEASE: Allianz expands its savings and investment offering with the Target Maturity Euro Bond III fund

(Information sent by the signatory company)

The target type fund offers an estimated APR return from 2.20% to 2.70% over four years. 20% of the portfolio is invested in companies that promote the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. With this new launch, the company continues to adapt to the new market context

Madrid, February 22, 2024.- Allianz has launched the Allianz Target Maturity Euro Bond III fund, target type, on the market and continues to expand its savings and investment offering. This fixed income fund, with attractive returns, is another example of the company's constant adaptation to market conditions and customer needs. The new fund, accessible from a minimum investment of €1,000, offers an estimated return APR between 2.20% and 2.70%*, with a duration of four years. This equates to an estimated return between 9.1% and 11.2% for the entire duration of the fund. Allianz Target Maturity Euro Bond III can be contracted through the unit linked product Allianz FondoVida of Allianz Seguros or through the securities agency Allianz Soluciones de Inversión. The objective is to maintain the investment in a portfolio of bonds with a maturity close to the maturity of the fund and with active management and attentive to any market situation. It should also be noted that this investment product observes sustainability criteria. 20% of the portfolio is invested in companies that promote the reduction of greenhouse gases and has been designed applying ethical criteria that do not allow investments in sectors such as tobacco or alcohol, among others. A diversified savings and investment offer With this launch, the company continues to complete its offering of savings and investment products and expands its range of Wealth Management products. Allianz makes available to its clients various financial products capable of responding to diverse needs of savers: Allianz Capital, Unit Linked, pension plans, investment funds or Allianz Perspektive (guaranteed long-term savings product with the guarantee of Allianz Leben, the largest Life company in Germany). Allianz has the securities agency Allianz Investment Solutions, focused on financial advice, estate planning and other financial services, since 2020 it has managed six investment funds (Allianz Cartera Dinámica, Allianz Bolsa Española, Allianz Cartera Moderada, Allianz Cartera Decidida, Allianz Conservador Dinático and Cartera Bonos 2026), four of which were rated with 5 stars in the Morningstar Rating in their first three years of activity (March 2023). Recently, the Allianz securities agency put Target Maturity Euro Bond II on the market, a target-type investment fund with an expected duration until 2027 In addition, Allianz Investment Solutions manages the Allianz Pension Plans with a total assets of more than 300 million euros. Allianz Investment Solutions manages total assets of more than 670 million euros (mid-February 2024).(*) At the time of launch. This information is kept updated as the end of the marketing period approaches (April 12, 2024). More information in the Key Information Document and the Fund's prospectus available on the website www.allianz.esAbout Allianz Seguros Allianz Seguros is the main subsidiary of the Allianz Group in Spain and one of the leading companies in the Spanish insurance sector. To offer the best results for its more than 3 million customers, the company is committed to physical proximity (through its Branches and Delegations with nearly 2,000 employees and its network of more than 10,000 mediators), and technological proximity (through tools such as its application for smartphones and tablets, its eClient area of ​​the corporate website, and its more than 500,000 SMS sent annually to its clients). It has one of the most complete and innovative ranges of products on the market and is based on the comprehensive security concept. For this reason, the products and services offered by the company range from the personal and family to the business sphere, offering everything from Life, Car, Home, Accident, or Health insurance, through Multi-risk for companies and businesses, to the most personalized insurance solutions. complex. Issuer: Allianz Seguros

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