RELEASE: Allianz Partners accompanies new owners in their new real estate acquisitions

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: Allianz Partners accompanies new owners in their new real estate acquisitions

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Madrid, November 23

According to data from the National Institute of Statistics (INE), the real estate sector could close the year exceeding the number of sales registered in 2021; good news for one of the sectors most affected by the crisis. In this context, the need to deliver the homes in perfect condition and prevent problems has prompted Allianz Partners, an Insurance and Assistance company, to design "pre-sale and post-sale solutions" focused on the adaptation and maintenance of the properties.

In September, more than 57,333 sales took place, a very positive figure considering that there are 3,714 more than in September 2021, according to data published by the National Institute of Statistics (INE). In fact, it is possible to anticipate that at the end of 2022 the 566,485 sales carried out during the past year will be exceeded. Having a home that adapts to the new needs that have arisen from the confinement, as well as avoiding the rise in real estate prices , could be understood as part of the reasons for the increase in the buying and selling trend. In this context, Allianz Patners, an Insurance and Assistance company, has created a solution to improve the customer experience of people who purchase a newly built home and need help in the management of repairs to your property. Among the services it includes, the following stand out: • A repair service aimed at managing incidents and claims arising from unrepaired damage, auctions not well executed or incidents on site, which can affect both the owner of the property and the tenant, if it is a rental home and that must be solved both upon receipt and delivery of the property, as well as in the medium and long term -if the asset is to be kept in the portfolio-.• A contact center that will be in charge of receive all requests from the owner or tenant regarding their property. Its fundamental mission is to identify the damage and the management to carry out to refer each of the parties involved: Builder (completion and finishing defects), Decennial Insurance, Construction damage and habitability, Home Insurance, Community Insurance and Developer; as well as monitoring until the incident is resolved, acting as a contact point for all parties. With this type of solution, the company seeks to make life easier for its customers, giving a quick and effective response to resolve incidents detected, even before the reception or delivery of the property. The objective is to offer peace of mind to the owner and tenant, and that they perceive the delivery of the property as a quality service. On the other hand, Allianz Partners has also designed the 'Estrena Casa Pack' with after-sales services focused on adaptation and maintenance of properties, focused on caring for the family unit, offering comprehensive protection to the new owners and providing solutions that meet the needs of the family unit before, during and after handing over the keys. Esther Núñez Bernardo, Sales Manager for Solutions Hogar de Allianz Partners, indicates: "our purpose at Allianz Partners is to 'make people's lives easier' and improve their experience. These solutions allow us, in addition to solving incidents, to anticipate and work on the adaptation of the property before it is delivered We understand that the coming months, taking into account the current context, will be a challenge in many areas and for almost all companies. sas. Allianz Partners is a responsible company and we want to contribute to general well-being, designing comprehensive solutions that respond to society and companies, providing the necessary support at such a special moment as the delivery of a home".

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