RELEASE: ArangoGraphML: Simplifying the power of graph machine learning

Next-generation graph data and analytics platform now with data science and machine learning capabilities to accelerate innovation.

RELEASE: ArangoGraphML: Simplifying the power of graph machine learning

Next-generation graph data and analytics platform now with data science and machine learning capabilities to accelerate innovation

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- ArangoDB, the company behind the most comprehensive and scalable graph data and analytics platform, announced the GA release of ArangoGraphML, a fully managed and intuitive graph machine learning platform.

In today's unpredictable times, businesses must balance profitability, customer satisfaction, and revenue growth while protecting themselves from fraud and security risks. Deeply connected graph data and machine learning provide the key to unlocking valuable insights for optimal decision making in these areas. However, the adoption of graph-based machine learning has historically been hampered by overwhelming complexity, low precision, and the need for specialized expertise.

ArangoGraphML bridges this gap by providing enterprise-ready, graph-based machine learning as a service, helping experts and non-experts alike extract deeper insights and predictions from their data. ArangoGraphML is available as part of the ArangoGraph cloud-based graph data and analytics platform. With this release, ArangoGraph offers users a complete set of data management and analytical tools, all unified by a powerful query language that natively integrates graphs, JSON, full-text search, and now machine learning.

What others have to say about GraphML and ArangoDB:

"GraphML was the domain of highly trained PhD data scientists; you've made it accessible to a much broader audience," explained Erik J. Larson, author of "The Myth of Artificial Intelligence."

"It systematizes at scale, adding graphical capabilities and additions to typical transaction-level models," said Satheesh Ramachandran, director of analytics and artificial intelligence products, Charles Schwab, fraud detection.

"My team has been really impressed by the GraphML approach that ArangoDB has taken. Their low-code Python strategy also makes it easy for us to test new machine learning methods and evaluate GraphML concepts using ArangoDB's built-in database integration," noted Gareth Block, CEO and founder of ThirdInsight.

The ArangoGraphML platform is a managed service that provides ease of use, high performance, efficiency and accuracy. Given the advantage that all companies are trying to achieve in these times, increasing precision can have a significant impact. "We are very excited about the launch of ArangoGraphML GA, which has been years in the making. The feedback has been very positive and we believe the power of GraphDB and ML will drive tremendous business value for real-world use cases for our customers," said Shekhar Iyer, CEO of ArangoDB.

Leveraging cutting-edge advances in graph machine learning, particularly graph neural networks (GNN), ArangoGraphML integrates these techniques into an end-to-end machine learning lifecycle. Using the universally recognized Jupyter Notebooks as an intuitive interface, it oversees every step, from data preparation to training and predictions. With its ease of use and robust capabilities, ArangoGraphML is set to redefine the way companies approach machine learning with graph data.

Jörg Schad, CTO of ArangoDB, commented: "Graph ML offers the next level in machine learning and data science by considering data not as isolated data points but in context. This allows for faster and more accurate insights. Given our long experience with graphs and our mission to simplify access to the power of Graph, we are happy to take the same approach for the machine learning ecosystem. Building production-grade machine learning pipelines is a challenge, and ArangoGraphML contains best practices and "It combines some of the leading open source machine tools into a complete end-to-end platform."

Dive into a complete graph machine learning journey with ArangoGraphML or start your exploration with a free trial of ArangoGraph today.

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