RELEASE: Artificial Intelligence sets a new standard in call center operations

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RELEASE: Artificial Intelligence sets a new standard in call center operations

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Seville, January 16, 2024.

In a strategic alliance that redefines call center operations and boosts energy contract sales, Track4X and Evaria have joined forces to create innovative solutions that have revolutionized processes. Miguel Rodríguez, CEO of Evaria and José Antonio Matos, CEO of Track4X, share how this collaboration is marking a milestone in operational efficiency and sales excellence

Track4Call ( is a leading system for optimizing call center operations through call analysis with artificial intelligence, created by the company Track4X. In Evaria's success story, Track4Call is intended to audit sales and contract formalization, accurately ensuring that all contracting data is correct before moving to the next step. Track4Call technology has the unique ability to understand conversations, using weights, weights and predictive intelligence to ensure the quality of each interaction. This audit not only saves BackOffice resources, but also increases the efficiency of daily operations. Miguel Rodríguez, head of Evaria's BackOffice, explains that the company is governed by an unequivocal premise and a firm commitment to its clients: the implementation of the highest quality standards in its sales operations. They allocate considerable resources and time to ensure the accuracy of all parameters involved in the hiring process. The collaboration with Track4X, through the use of its intelligent tool Track4Call, represents a notable advance in this audit, significantly enhancing the control capacity in said process. The integration with Track4Call has resulted in a notable optimization in the internal process of management of Evaria hires, driving operational efficiency and allowing them to handle more substantial volumes of work, says Miguel. This advance boosts sales figures by eliminating one of the main bottlenecks in recruiting clients. Furthermore, Miguel continues, this tool is revealed as a key instrument for the unification of quality standards, allowing to analyze, identify, segment and execute specific actions with a constant focus on continuous improvement of the quality of the contracting process. Collaboration between Track4X and Evaria is a testament to how technological innovation can transform entire industries. Both companies are committed to excellence, and this strategic alliance not only benefits the companies involved, but also sets a new standard for efficiency and quality in the field of call centers and energy contract sales.

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