RELEASE: ASTM Decision Puts 100% SAF Certification Within Reach


RELEASE: ASTM Decision Puts 100% SAF Certification Within Reach

STOCKHOLM, Aug. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Swedish Biofuels AB announced today that the ASTM International Committee has accepted the use of C2 to C5 alcohols as feedstock for the alcohol-to-reactor (ATJ) pathway, as well as a new specification for aviation fuel fully formulated with aromatic compounds.

ASTM International Committee D02 on Petroleum Products, Liquid Fuels, and Lubricants and Subcommittee D02.J on Aviation Fuels approved a concurrent vote in late June that extended ASTM D7566, Standard Specification for Aviation Turbine Fuel Which contains synthesized hydrocarbons, via a new Schedule 8 submitted by Swedish Biofuels AB. When published, the revised edition of D7566 will have the number D7566-23a and will show the alcohol specification for Aromatic Paraffinic Kerosene Jetting (ATJ-SKA) produced by Swedish Biofuels technology and using individual C2 to C5 alcohols or a combination of two or more C2 to C5 alcohols as raw material for the process.

Unlike previously approved pathways, the Swedish Biofuels pathway is not limited to a single feedstock and includes the production of aromatic compounds. With the ability to flexibly vary the amount of aromatics, the fuel produced by Swedish Biofuels is completely indistinguishable from fossil kerosene in its composition and properties. Although D7566-23a currently only allows the use of jet fuel produced as a 50/50 blend with fossil kerosene, it is a significant milestone on the path to sustainability and a short way to 100% certification. Once ASTM publishes D7566-23a, it will be eligible as a standard for use in commercial airline fuel production. These final actions are estimated to be completed by ASTM in the third quarter of 2023.

About Swedish Biofuels

Swedish Biofuels provides engineering, process architecture and science solutions for the production and conversion of alcohols into transportation fuels and valuable chemicals from sustainable feedstocks. The company is the inventor of the original Alcohol to Jet (ATJ) technology, patented in 2004 for the production of fully formulated sustainable aviation fuels from alcohols (SAF). The company has produced, sold and delivered fully formulated SAF for testing, certification and demonstration programs in the US, UK, Sweden and Germany.

The trade name for Swedish Biofuels' ATJ SAF production technology is PureSAFSM. Swedish Biofuels has partnered with KBR to bring PureSAFSM sustainable aviation fuel technology to the market. In addition to processing ethanol and other alcohols, this technology can also convert carbon dioxide and syngas into SAF, expanding opportunities to use captured carbon for a cleaner, greener future. Validation of this advanced technology was conducted together with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base and the Swedish Defense Materiel Administration (FMV) at GKN Aerospace Sweden.

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