RELEASE: Cerebras and G42 begin construction of Condor Galaxy 3, an 8 exaFLOP AI supercomputer

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RELEASE: Cerebras and G42 begin construction of Condor Galaxy 3, an 8 exaFLOP AI supercomputer

(Information sent by the signatory company)

With 64 Cerebras CS-3 systems, Condor Galaxy 3 doubles performance with the same power and cost

SUNNYVALE, Calif., March 13, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Cerebras Systems, the pioneer in accelerating generative AI, and G42, the leading technology holding company based in Abu Dhabi, today announced the construction of Condor Galaxy 3 (CG-3 ), the third group of its constellation of AI supercomputers, Condor Galaxy. Featuring 64 of Cerebras' newly announced CS-3 systems, all powered by the industry's fastest AI chip, the Wafer-Scale Engine 3 (WSE-3), Condor Galaxy 3 will deliver 8 exaFLOPs of AI with 58 million AI-optimized cores.

Cerebras and G42's strategic partnership has already delivered 8 exaFLOPs of AI supercomputing performance through Condor Galaxy 1 and Condor Galaxy 2, each of the world's largest AI supercomputers. Located in Dallas, Texas, Condor Galaxy 3 brings the current Condor Galaxy network total to 16 exaFLOPs.

"With Condor Galaxy 3, we continue to achieve our joint vision of transforming the global AI computing pipeline by developing the world's largest and fastest AI supercomputers," said Kiril Evtimov, Group Chief Technology Officer of G42. "The existing Condor Galaxy network has trained some of the industry's leading open source models, with tens of thousands of downloads. By doubling capacity to 16 exaFLOPs, we hope to see the next wave of innovation that Condor Galaxy supercomputers can enable. "

At the heart of Condor Galaxy 3 are 64 Cerebras CS-3 systems. Each CS-3 is powered by the new 4 billion 900,000 core AI WSE-3 transistor. Manufactured at TSMC on the 5 nanometer node, the WSE-3 offers twice the performance with the same power and for the same price as the previous generation part. Designed specifically to train the industry's largest AI models, WSE-3 delivers a staggering 125 petaflops of peak AI performance per chip.

"We are proud that our recently announced CS-3 systems will play a critical role in our pioneering strategic partnership with G42," said Andrew Feldman, CEO and co-founder of Cerebras. "Condor Galaxy 3 and subsequent supercomputers will together deliver tens of exaflops of AI computing. This marks a major milestone in AI computing, providing unprecedented processing power and efficiency."

Condor Galaxy has trained industry-leading generative AI models including Jais-30B, Med42, Crystal-Coder-7B, and BTLM-3B-8K. Jais 13B and Jais30B are the world's best bilingual Arabic models, now available on Azure Cloud. BTLM-3B-8K is the #1 leading 3B model on HuggingFace, delivering 7B parameter performance in a lightweight 3B parameter model for inference. Med42, developed with M42 and Core42, is a leading clinical LLM, trained on Condor Galaxy 1 in a weekend and outperforming MedPaLM in performance and accuracy.

Condor Galaxy 3 will be available in the second quarter of 2024. For more information about Condor Galaxy, please visit our website.

About Cerebras Systems

Cerebras Systems is a team of pioneering computer architects, computer scientists, deep learning researchers, and engineers of all kinds. We've teamed up to accelerate generative AI by building a new class of AI supercomputer from the ground up. Our flagship product, the CS-3 system, is powered by the world's largest and fastest AI processor, our Wafer-Scale Engine-3. CS-3s quickly and easily cluster together to create the world's largest AI supercomputers and simplify placing models on supercomputers by avoiding the complexity of distributed computing. Leading corporations, research institutions and governments use Cerebras solutions to develop innovative proprietary models and to train open source models with millions of downloads. Cerebras solutions are available through Cerebras Cloud and on-premise. For more information, visit

About G42

G42 is a global leader in creating visionary artificial intelligence for a better tomorrow. Born in Abu Dhabi and operating around the world, G42 champions AI as a powerful force for good. Its people are constantly reimagining what technology can do, applying advanced thinking and innovation to accelerate progress and address society's most pressing problems.

G42 is joining forces with nations, corporations and individuals to create the infrastructure for the world of tomorrow. From molecular biology to space exploration and everything in between, G42 makes exponential possibilities a reality today. For more information, visit

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