RELEASE: Dreame Technology Launches Revolutionary Flagship L20 Ultra Robotic Vacuum At IFA 2023 (1)

- Dreame Technology Launches Revolutionary Flagship L20 Ultra Robotic Vacuum With Industry's First AI-Powered MopExtend™ Technology* At IFA 2023.

RELEASE: Dreame Technology Launches Revolutionary Flagship L20 Ultra Robotic Vacuum At IFA 2023 (1)

- Dreame Technology Launches Revolutionary Flagship L20 Ultra Robotic Vacuum With Industry's First AI-Powered MopExtend™ Technology* At IFA 2023

BERLIN, Sept. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Home appliance industry leader Dreame Technology launches its new flagship robotic vacuum cleaner L20 Ultra, featuring cutting-edge technology, at IFA 2023. Held in Berlin from September 1-5 , the world-renowned trade show for home appliances and consumer electronics is the perfect setting to showcase the features of the L20 Ultra, including the innovative new AI-powered MopExtend™ technology, which provides deep corner cleaning. L20 Ultra also offers other powerful features that provide a revolutionary cleaning experience for its users.

L20 Ultra is the latest release in smart home appliances from Dreame Technology, taking detailed cleaning to a whole new level, a fully automatic robotic vacuum that cleans floors and cleans itself. In addition, L20 Ultra will be the first product with the new Dreame Technology logo, leading the new era of Dreame Technology.

Industry's first AI-powered MopExtend™ technology*

In order to address the difficulty that corner cleaning always leaves a lot of space, Dreame Technology has developed its own unique core technologies, Mop-Extend™ and Duo-Scrub™ mopping system, to provide a better solution to such a situation. .

The included Mop-Extend™ technology incorporates several position-sensitive detectors, which can automatically and accurately identify corners and corners. When corners and recesses are identified, the Mop-Extend™ technology will further activate and extend the mop into the wall nooks as closely as possible, for a deeper, closer, corner-to-corner cleaning experience. In addition, the algorithms of Mop-Extend™ technology can help L20 Ultra excel in terms of cleaning crevices even in challenging home environments, ensuring that consumers' crevice cleaning needs are addressed more thoroughly and efficiently.

Equipped with two high-speed spin mops in its Duo-Scrub™ mopping system, L20 Ultra is designed to tackle tough stains and tough-on grime. In addition, L20 Ultra has built-in soil detection technology, which uses data collected from previous cleaning cycles to detect if rooms require additional cleaning. For example, L20 Ultra can respond to seasonal changes and associated impacts, such as pet hair, pollen, or additional dirt entering the home, and uses that information to deliver a synchronized level of cleanliness with Dreame appliances. Technology.

automatic comprehensive performance

With the newly upgraded automatic base station, L20 Ultra can offer consumers an even more automatic cleaning experience, compared to previous models. With DualBoost 2.0 technology and a 3.2L dust bag, the automatic base station can store dust for up to 75 days without users having to manually remove it. Other than that, L20 Ultra can also clean and dry the mop on its own. When the mops get dirty, they will be washed inside the automatic base station with a 4.5 liter water tank. Once self-cleaning is complete, the mops will dry quickly with hot air, which can last up to 2 hours, to prevent mold and odor formation.

Automation is also enhanced with automatic water fill and automatic cleaning solution fill. L20 Ultra will automatically refill the water tank to keep the mop wet, preparing it for efficient cleaning at any time. However, cleaning solutions can also be automatically refilled to save users a lot of trouble.

advanced cleaning system

L20 ultra is designed to offer unmatched performance to its users with its advanced cleaning system and different features to cope with different home environments.

Featuring Dreame Technology's advanced Vormax™ suction system, L20 Ultra optimizes vacuum efficiency to extract household debris from carpets, rugs and hard floors. The powerful Vormax™ suction system has 7000 Pa of suction power for excellent suction. This power ensures effective dust removal while achieving a remarkably high collection rate. And the elevating rubber brush allows for easy detangling with mop removal technology for powerful cleaning within an adaptable design.

In addition, L20 Ultra is well equipped with combined ultrasonic carpet recognition and mop removal technology for better cleaning of carpets and rugs. When carpets and rugs are recognized, users can decide which option to perform among three carpet cleaning options: remove mop, lift mop or avoid carpet, deal with different types of carpets and rugs, or avoid wetting carpets and rugs.

Other smart features include Pathfinder™ Smart Navigation, which uses AI learning and 3D structure light technology to scan the room ahead, recognize any obstacles and avoid them, preventing items accidentally left on the floor from being vacuumed , which, in turn, prevents interruptions in the planned cleaning process and ensures the completion of the task at hand.

The flagship L20 Ultra combines enhanced power, AI technology, and years of research and development to deliver a robotic vacuum cleaner that will prove to be a cleaning revolution for its user. The innovative introduction of Mop Extend™ technology offers superior cleaning, allowing the L20 Ultra to get into hard-to-reach corners as well as clean between furniture and smaller spaces.

In addition, Dreame Technology has also extended its warranty to three years. Compared to the standard two-year warranty, users can not only get solid performance with L20 Ultra, but also get the guarantee of reliability and protection that allows for a worry-free and supreme cleaning experience.

Price and availability

This compact and efficient L20 Ultra will be available for purchase from September 1, 2023 in Germany, France, Italy and Spain through Dreame's official Amazon stores, along with other local retail channels, starting at €1,199. . In addition, for 1,299 euros, L20 Ultra Complete will also be available, a set made up of L20 Ultra with extra cleaning solutions and removable mops, along with other accessories and tools, which can last up to 1 year. Availability, price and specifications of each model may vary based on local market conditions and consumer preferences.

For consumers in Germany, from September 1 to 14, when you buy an L20 Ultra in retail stores, you will receive a free Dreame Hair Glory hair dryer!

To witness first-hand the next cleaning revolution and see the L20 Ultra in action, visit Dreame at IFA 2023. We are located in Hall: City Cube_A at booth CCA-209.

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