RELEASE: DXC Technology wins contract to manage and transform the Danish Civil Registration System

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: DXC Technology wins contract to manage and transform the Danish Civil Registration System

(Information sent by the signatory company)

The new contract with the Danish Ministry of the Interior and Housing guarantees safe and efficient management of the data of more than 10 million Danish citizens

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, Dec. 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- DXC Technology (NYSE: DXC), a leading Fortune 500 global IT services provider, has been selected to manage and transform mission-critical computing infrastructure for data of Danish citizens.

As part of the 6-8 year contract, DXC will manage and develop the country's Civil Registry System (CPR), which records and manages citizen data and enables more than 40,000 users to carry out millions of transactions per month.

Under the terms of the agreement, DXC is responsible for the long-term management of the CPR, while introducing new technologies and services such as digital applications and automation. The CPR Administration, which is part of the Danish Government's Ministry of the Interior and Housing, manages a central, national register of citizens' data linked to a unique identification number. Using information supplied by citizens, municipalities and other government institutions, the system records important basic personal data and key life events, such as births, names, deaths, marriages and other data, of approximately 10 million current and ancestral Danish citizens.

The CPR data is the basis for many other public sector systems and applications in Denmark, as they act as a link between various national registers. They provide a consistent and accurate record of the unique information of each citizen, linking basic personal data with legal, criminal, tax and health records and enabling a wide variety of public services. Data is also shared with more than 2,000 select private sector organizations, including banks and insurance companies, enabling a myriad of innovative services.

DXC will use its deep knowledge of CPR to manage end-to-end service delivery. It will ensure that records are properly managed and securely stored in a centralized network of databases. CPR's digital and physical infrastructure will be supplied from DXC's highly secure and resilient data centers.

"Denmark's Civil Registration System is an essential part of the country's operational and social services, making it one of the most digitized countries in the world," said Birgitte Svejstrup Eriksen, CEO of DXC Technology Denmark. "By harnessing the power of a centralized national data management system, Danish government agencies can make more informed policy decisions and support key public sector organizations in delivering better services to citizens using timely and accurate public records." We are delighted to have been awarded this contract and proud to continue to play our role as a trusted partner of the Danish Government."

For more than 50 years, DXC has been a key strategic partner of Danish central government agencies, supplying mission-critical infrastructure and technology systems that underpin many public services of national importance. The new CPR contract was awarded to DXC as a result of an EU public tender.

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About CPR

The CPR Administration is organizationally located in the Ministry of the Interior and Housing. Through the Civil Registry System, the CPR Administration acts as a central provider of personal data for public authorities and the private sector. A performance contract is entered into annually between the department and the CPR Administration. The performance contract reflects CPR Management's strategic goals, major professional tasks, and financial goals for the year in question.

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