RELEASE: Euroshop 2023: SUNMI Leads the Move to Android for Businesses

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RELEASE: Euroshop 2023: SUNMI Leads the Move to Android for Businesses

(Information sent by the signatory company)

SUNMI showcases its innovative BIoT solutions with its partners at Euroshop 2023

DUSSELDORF, Germany, March 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- SUNMI, a provider of enterprise digitization solutions, presented its latest smart commerce technology at EuroShop 2023 (booth:06/F57), the world's largest retail trade fair, held from February 26 to March 2 in Düsseldorf, Germany. SUNMI's participation has added even more prominence to the event by presenting innovative solutions to provide customers with totally new experiences.

Full range of SUNMI BIoT products

As one of the industry's leading innovators, SUNMI has been at the forefront of enterprise Android solutions, with a deep understanding of industry digital trends. At EuroShop 2023, SUNMI is showcasing its full range of BIoT products, designed to meet the changing needs of different industries. The product portfolio includes payment, mobile, desktop, kiosk and other innovative hardware solutions, all designed to enhance the customer experience, streamline operations and increase sales for businesses of all sizes.

SUNMI is a certified reseller of Android enterprise devices offering zero-touch enrollment. SUNMI L2s PRO, along with other models such as the SUNMI V2s, SUNMI V2s PLUS, SUNMI L2H, and SUNMI L2Ks, has been certified by GMS. This certification ensures that customers can quickly and easily deploy SUNMI Android devices with immediate remote activation and configuration. By using this feature, customers' IT departments can deploy SUNMI devices on a large scale without having to manually configure each individual device.

In addition to innovative Android devices, SUNMI also offers comprehensive software services. SUNMI DMP (SUNMI Device Management Platform) enables the customer to manage all company-owned devices, applications and content from the cloud efficiently, easily and securely. RKI, an integrated cloud terminal system, is designed for secure, efficient and convenient key injection, which is especially important for clients in the financial sector. In addition, SUNMI's series of financial products have obtained multiple authoritative financial certifications, bringing customers an omnichannel payment experience.

IoT business solutions with 11 ISV partners

For on-site activities, SUNMI and 11 ISV partners jointly present a wide range of android-based IoT solutions, including Retail, Payment, Hospitality, Catering, Lottery and Softpos. Working with partners around the world, SUNMI is bringing Android-based IoT solutions to every business, offering essential hardware and software capabilities to address business challenges faced by customers and boost their sales.

SUNMI Founder and CEO Lin Zhe (Jack) attends the Euroshop welcome party and shares his thoughts on how BIoT devices and digital solutions can boost business. "We believe that ToB smart terminals will adapt to more scenarios, and thanks to BIoT, the interconnection of more smart things will bring a deeper revolution for this society," Lin Zhe explained.

So far, SUNMI's products have received widespread recognition from companies around the world, earning the trust and loyalty of more than 3 million merchants. Their participation in EuroShop 2023 is an opportunity to shape the industry by leading the way to Android for businesses."

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