RELEASE: GSMA Open Gateway goes further with commercial launches worldwide (1)

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: GSMA Open Gateway goes further with commercial launches worldwide (1)

(Information sent by the signatory company)

-GSMA Open Gateway goes further with global commercial launches, more operators and new go-to-market channels

More than 40 mobile operator networks across five continents have commercially launched network API services to the developer community to unlock the full potential of 5G.

BARCELONA, Spain, Feb. 26, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- The GSMA today highlighted the strong progress that the mobile industry and what technology partners are achieving to unlock the full potential of 5G networks and commercialize network APIs through of the GSMA Open Gateway initiative.

One year since the GSMA Open Gateway was launched at MWC 2023, 47 mobile operator groups, representing 239 mobile networks and 65% of connections worldwide, have joined the initiative. GSMA Open Gateway is focused on accelerating the growth of digital applications and services, ensuring they integrate seamlessly with hundreds of participating networks around the world. This is done through unique, programmable access points common across all mobile operators, known as application programmable interfaces (APIs).

Working with technology partners and cloud providers, including AWS, Infobip, Microsoft, Nokia and Vonage, a part of Ericsson, more than 40 mobile operator networks have made a combined total of 94 APIs commercially available to enterprise developers in 21 global markets. Asia-Pacific, Africa, Europe, the Middle East and America.

With online fraud and cybercrime being one of the biggest issues facing online commerce, the GSMA, mobile operators and technology partners are focusing the GSMA Open Gateway initiative on tackling online crime. Recent activities include:

"It has been an exciting year for GSMA Open Gateway and the mobile industry, where we have begun to build a unified ecosystem and unlock the full potential of 5G networks. This has culminated in the birth of a new API era," said Mats Granryd, CEO of the GSMA. "Our collective work for 2024 is to foster and grow this opportunity and provide ubiquitous access to enterprise developers and cloud providers, so they can do what they do best, which is launch revolutionary new services that can maximize the benefits of 5G networks".


According to McKinsey research, GSMA Open Gateway and other network API initiatives can generate significant value for the telecommunications industry and businesses using 5G networks over the next six years. It is predicted that if operators can expose more APIs and innovations from their network to the enterprise developer and cloud provider communities, then they will be able to unlock an additional $300 billion market opportunity by 2030.

Having gained strong support among the global mobile operator industry in 2023, the GSMA Open Gateway initiative is focusing on how it can help members increase developer participation in 2024. This will be achieved through the commercial launch of new services and a focus on three commercial go-to-market channels for open API adoption.

The three main marketing channels of GSMA Open Gateway are:

1.Network Cloud Marketplace, e.g. partner with cloud providers including AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, and Vonage

2.Strategic Technology Partners/Resellers, p.ej. Infobip, Nokia, y Ericsson

3.Operators Direct to Market through its business and innovation divisions

The industry is now focusing its attention on a wide range of new services and innovations, including quality on-demand APIs to enable safe drone flights, robotics, extended reality and immersive online gaming services over 5G networks. The roadmap includes further development in connectivity for network slicing, cybersecurity and cloud enablement.

Ishwar Parulkar, CTO of Telecom and Edge Cloud at Amazon Web Services on AWS, said: "The progress of the GSMA's Open Gateway initiative over the past year has been very encouraging. As we move into the next phase of the "Telecom companies producing more APIs and monetizing them through various marketing channels, the role of a common and aligned approach between operators, hyperscalers and other channel aggregators that Open Gateway is promoting becomes even more critical."

Ankur Jain, vice president of Google Cloud Telco, said: "Google Cloud has collaborated with the GSMA Open Gateway initiative since its inception and we are pleased to see progress in offering developers simplified access to the network's capabilities in an open, standardized way. "We look forward to working with our CSP partners and developers to bring innovative use cases to market."

Ross Ortega, vice president of product management for Microsoft Azure for operators, said: “Microsoft is proud to champion the Open Gateway initiative, underscoring our commitment to making network programmability universally accessible to connected application developers. We believe standardization of networking capabilities and APIs is crucial to ensuring developers can easily understand and adopt these technologies. Azure Programmable Connectivity is at the forefront of this effort, closely aligning with Open Gateway standards to pave the way for perfect integration and innovation.

Other examples of how GSMA Open Gateway members and partners are working together to develop new industry use cases for developers include:

GSMA Open Gateway APIs are defined, developed and published in CAMARA, the open source project for developers to access enhanced networking capabilities, powered by the Linux Foundation, in partnership with TM Forum.


GSMA Open Gateway events and demos available to view at MWC Barcelona 2024 include:

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