RELEASE: High-speed Wi-Fi from the Mount Everest tourist base camp

Huawei and China Mobile collaborate to provide connectivity through F5.

RELEASE: High-speed Wi-Fi from the Mount Everest tourist base camp

Huawei and China Mobile collaborate to provide connectivity through F5.5G

RIKAZE, China, Sept. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Visitors to the Mount Everest Tourist Base Camp (Mount Qomolangma), 5,200 m above sea level, are now connected from the top of the world with high-speed WiFi . China Mobile Communications Corporation Co., Ltd. (China Mobile) and Huawei have announced the successful launch of premium ultra-gigabit Wi-Fi services and F5.5G's leading technology, FTTR-B (Fiber-to-the-Room Business). ), which allows both local administration staff and visitors to benefit from fast and reliable communication for their leisure and work needs.

At the Everest Base Camp Management Office, staff focus on the ecological conservation of the Himalayas. This work includes daily monitoring and verification of environmental protection devices and then reporting to the Mount Everest Management Office with high-resolution photographs, videos and records. Previously, work was hampered by poor network connections that caused slow video loading, freezing frames, and failed attempts to send documents. With the newly installed high-speed FTTR-B network, communication has changed dramatically, allowing all camp staff and nearby tourists to enjoy premium Wi-Fi services.

The FTTR-B solution is also implemented in a hotel in a nearby town located 4,200 meters above sea level. In the past, guests had no network connection, frames would freeze, and the check-in system would respond slowly. Since the installation of the FTTR-B solution, up to 300 hotel guests can simultaneously enjoy high-speed Internet access while hotel operations are more efficient.

About Huawei FTTR-B

Fiber-to-the-Room (FTTR) is a way to provide high-quality gigabit all-optical Wi-Fi using fiber optic access to bring 10G networks to every room. As one of the key technologies of 5.5G, FTTR is characterized by ubiquitous 10G networks. While FTTR is primarily for home users, the FTTR-B solution was jointly launched by China Mobile and Huawei to provide ultra-gigabit all-optical networks for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) in China and is widely used in hotels and stores.

Huawei FTTR-B devices feature flexible triple-mode antennas and can be installed on ceilings or walls to provide full Wi-Fi coverage in indoor areas, allowing users to enjoy a premium networking experience anywhere. The solution uses Power-over-Fiber (PoF) cables to transmit signals and supply power to devices at the same time, solving difficult power acquisition problems. In addition, Huawei's WeFTTR APP provides functions such as network architecture management, one-click network optimization, and self-service network configuration for IT staff in management offices and hotels, reducing operations workload. and maintenance (OR

In 2024, China Mobile will work with Huawei to extend the FTTR-B solution to the climber base camp situation. This will allow climbers to enjoy gigabit network services as they prepare to reach summits at the top of the world.

As a leading global ICT infrastructure provider, Huawei partners with operators such as China Mobile and helps many SMEs realize digital transformation.

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