RELEASE: HONOR Magic5 Pro Tops DXOMARK Camera and Display Rankings

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: HONOR Magic5 Pro Tops DXOMARK Camera and Display Rankings

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Packed with industry-leading features and enhancements, the new HONOR Magic5 Pro sets new standards in smartphone camera and display performance.

BARCELONA, Spain, Feb. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Following the successful launch of the new flagship of the HONOR Magic5 series at Mobile World Congress 2023, the HONOR Magic5 Pro has taken first place in both camera and display at DXOMARK's global smartphone rankings, further demonstrating the brand's commitment to developing best-in-class smartphones.

"We are delighted that our latest flagship has achieved the top spot in smartphone display and camera rankings conducted by independent DXOMARK researchers, demonstrating the strength and capability of our R & D team," said George Zhao, Managing Director. HONOR Device Co, Ltd. representative "This achievement is just the beginning for us as we look forward to making even more fantastic advances in smartphone camera and display technology."

Unrivaled camera system takes first place in DXOMARK

The HONOR Magic5 Pro has been put through DXOMARK's rigorous smartphone camera test, which measures performance in a number of key categories including photography, bokeh, zoom, video, and preview. With a maximum score of 152, the HONOR Magic5 Pro takes the top spot in the DXOMARK World Camera Ranking.

"The HONOR Magic5 Pro is the new leader in our ranking. It also ranks first in the photography ranking, thanks to its excellent results at all lighting levels," DXOMARK noted in its review. "The Magic5 Pro especially shined in our use case with friends and family, using fast shutter speeds to freeze moving subjects, while capturing great detail and keeping noise levels low."

With a 50 MP wide-angle camera, 50 MP ultra-wide camera, and 50 MP periscope telephoto camera, HONOR Magic 5 Pro delivers sharper images, better exposure, and richer dynamic range. In addition to its excellent overall performance, the HONOR Magic5 Pro has also earned full DXOMARK scores in terms of specific use cases and Outdoor, Indoor, Low Light, Friends and Family condition, making it a perfect choice for a variety of of shooting scenarios.

It is also noteworthy that after DXOMARK's camera tests, the HONOR Magic5 Pro delivered a remarkably improved zoom experience from ultra-wide to long-telephoto, making it one of the best zoom devices on the market. The HONOR Magic5 Pro's camera performed very well at the ultra-wide native focal length and when zoomed in slightly. Image quality was great in all lighting conditions, especially in bright light and indoors. At the mid-range tele focal length, compared to Samsung, the HONOR Magic5 Pro features fine details and low noise, while Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra loses more detail in image performance.

The HONOR Magic5 Pro also performed well in video tests, with DXOMARK confirming the device as the best Android smartphone to date for video and the best device for SDR video format. Boasting significant video enhancements compared to its predecessor, the HONOR Magic5 Pro incorporates IMAX Enhanced Movie Master, allowing users to record and edit stunning cinema-level footage.

A premium screen debuts at the top of the DXOMARK ranking

The HONOR Magic5 Pro has undergone DXOMARK's rigorous smartphone display test, which measures performance in six areas: Readability, Color, Video, Motion, Touch, and Artifacts. With an impressive score of 151 for exceptional display technology, the device took the top spot in DXOMARK's smartphone display rankings.

"With a score of 151, the HONOR Magic5 Pro display has been placed at the top of the DXOMARK rankings thanks to its complete and consistent performance in all key attributes," DXOMARK stated in its review.

The DXOMARK test indicates that the HONOR Magic5 Pro provided very good readability, with tuning that made it comfortable to view in all lighting conditions tested. Even in outdoor usage scenarios, equipped with a novel display luminance enhancement technology, the HONOR Magic5 Pro also offers a maximum HDR brightness of 1,800 nits for clear images in bright sunlight.

With dual luminance calibration for a typical brightness of 120 nits indoors and 800 nits outdoors, the HONOR Magic5 Pro provides industry-leading color accuracy. The DXOMARK test shows that the color representation of the HONOR Magic5 Pro was mostly natural and faithful, whether under objective or perceptual evaluation, and the HONOR Magic5 Pro outperforms the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max and Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra in this attribute [1].

The significant achievements of the HONOR Magic5 Pro's display and camera performance in independent DXOMARK tests mark a new milestone for HONOR.

The HONOR Magic5 Pro will be available from Q2 2022, starting at €1,199 for the 12G 512GB model. Availability in each market will be announced in due course.


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