RELEASE: In the 4th quarter of 2023 europages reveals surprising trends: Italy steals the show for its dominance in

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: In the 4th quarter of 2023 europages reveals surprising trends: Italy steals the show for its dominance in

(Information sent by the signatory company)

PARIS, February 19, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Every second, two B2B search requests arrive at europages (the largest international B2B shopping platform) to feed a massive data stream that reveals buyer behavior. Every quarter, our data specialists analyze this barometer of sourcing activity to discover the latest trends in sourcing across all sectors. The europages barometer data is very reliable, with more than 7 million visitors worldwide, 3 million monthly B2B buyers and more than 3,000 new company profiles each month offering products and services in 26 languages.

Italy and Spain move, while France remains the leader

Things are looking up for Europe in 2024, as Italy and Spain show great potential. Italy has ranked 4th in sending quality direct applications, demonstrating its commitment to building meaningful partnerships. This upward trajectory across several indicators offers a clear picture: Italy is rapidly becoming a B2B powerhouse.

And while France occupies 1st place among the 10 countries that send and receive the most direct quality requests, Spain maintains an encouraging 3rd place in sending the most quality requests and 4th in receiving them.

But there is more good news. The Italian export market is experiencing rapid growth, especially in high value-added sectors such as pharmaceuticals, electrical machinery and equipment, and plastics, according to the ep barometer of the most sought-after items.

The latest Europages Barometer reveals a growing interest in Italy, which occupies second place among the most selected countries for B2B searches. This increase means a growing global appetite for Italian products and services.

Continuing with this trend, Italian companies are actively seeking new connections, ranking 3rd among countries that initiate searches on the europages platform. This proactive approach underlines its ambition to expand its reach and penetrate new markets.

Strong increase in plastics and industrial machinery

Q4 saw a significant shift in product search trends, with rail transportation rising to the top position and showing a notable increase in searches of 434.44%. Which corresponds perfectly with the planning and development of France's green infrastructure for the next Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2024. The expansion of rail transport in European cities will extend beyond the duration of the Olympic Games, as It plays a fundamental role in optimizing mobility, reducing environmental impact, improving accessibility, promoting urban development and stimulating economic growth.

Although the increase in searches in rail transport has been anticipated, the unexpected increase in searches for plastics and industrial machinery and equipment (305.94%) presents an interesting picture of the evolution of buyers' needs. With growing concerns about supply chain resilience and geopolitical tensions, many companies are considering moving or localizing their manufacturing processes. These approaches would require investing in machinery and equipment, increasing searches in this category. Additionally, growing awareness of environmental issues and sustainability goals could lead companies to look for environmentally friendly alternatives in materials such as biodegradable or recyclable plastics, increasing searches in the plastics category.

This trend corresponds with the barometer observations from the third quarter, where we noted a notable increase in searches for solar energy equipment (331.62%), used vehicles (226.83%), and mechanical transmission systems and components ( 74.50%).

In addition, Spain and Italy have implemented policies and regulations in order to promote durability and reduce environmental impact. Both countries have solid industrial bases in various sectors, especially manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and renewable energy. This provides a stable foundation for companies to innovate and develop sustainable solutions in existing industries, as well as expand into emerging sectors such as renewable energy technologies and infrastructure.

Taken together, the underlying factors that have driven plastics and industrial machinery and equipment among the most searched products in B2B environments should persist in 2024, maintaining the upward trend in searches for these products.

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About the ep barometer The europages barometer tracks the latest trends and where searches are coming from, helping SMEs stay ahead and find new opportunities.

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