RELEASE: Insurance for air fryers skyrocketed almost 90% in the last year

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: Insurance for air fryers skyrocketed almost 90% in the last year

(Information sent by the signatory company)

The boom in sales of air fryers also reaches the Insurance and Assistance sector, which is looking for solutions, as in the case of Allianz Partners, to cover these devices against breakdowns and accidents.

Madrid, February 8, 2024.- Air fryers are already part of the kitchen furniture of many families in Spain. These robots allow you to cook without excess fats or oils, thanks to their hot air technology that is directed at the food, generating a cooking effect similar to that of frying in hot oil. In addition, it saves time and means less energy expenditure. Like any appliance, air fryer users must follow a series of recommendations to avoid damaging its functionality, as well as hygiene and cleaning instructions. In addition, there are foods that are not suitable for this type of fryers such as liquid foods, soft cheeses, vegetables with high water content, raw pasta or rice and red meats. It is also essential to prepare the food in advance and adjust the temperature and cooking time. Therefore, Allianz Partners recommends insuring air fryers against any possible breakdown or accident. This solution allows the product warranty to be extended for one more year, which is added to the three that the legislation establishes for the manufacturer. Thanks to the warranty extension and Accidental Damage coverage, the robot will be insured against mechanical or electrical breakdowns due to use. or wear of internal components, and accidental damage. In these cases, the insurance covers the repair - both the necessary spare parts and the labor and the collection and delivery to the home - and the replacement in case the repair is impossible or the expense is excessive. The objective of This solution is for the client to feel safe and protected in the event of any setback, something vital at Allianz Partners, as Esther Núñez, head of Appliance, says: "Our work focuses on offering solutions that facilitate the daily lives of families, addressing the individual needs and being aware of changes in the market. That is why we try to be innovative and serve our clients in what is most important: the care of their homes." Issuer: Allianz

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