RELEASE: Job satisfaction in technology companies increases compared to 2022

Madrid, July 4, 2023.

RELEASE: Job satisfaction in technology companies increases compared to 2022

Madrid, July 4, 2023.

Tech companies improve their eNPS to 37 by 2023 according to Nailted's employee experience analysis.

As every year, Nailted, a technology startup whose product focuses on improving the employee experience, has published a complete analysis of the employee experience in technology companies. A report that, through the analysis of more than 40 KPIs and with data from more than 10,000 employees from 91 tech companies from, for the most part, Spain and Latam, offers information on the state of the employee experience in terms of job satisfaction, corporate values, work environment, feedback and communication, leadership and fellowship, job recognition, professional development and job commitment.

Every day more companies are striving to improve the experience of their employees. In the tech industry, these efforts have translated into improvements in the levels of eNPS or employee Net Promoter Score, the metric that measures the level of commitment and satisfaction of workers with their company; "In 2021, the average eNPS of technology companies was 32, in 2022 it was 34, this year it reached 37," says Jose Ignacio Andrés, CEO and Founder of Nailted. 77.9% of tech employees would nominate their company as “best place to work”.

This report allows us to know data that impacts the employee experience; such as that 32.81% of employees say they feel or have felt stress at work, that almost half of the workers, 45.95%, confirm that they are not satisfied with their salary, or that 27.31% of employees demand better opportunities for growth in the company.

The Nailted report also offers us visibility into the changes in reference to 2022. Among many other comparisons, it is observed that the uncertainty that employees feel regarding their work has been reduced by 5.66%, 2% fewer employees they consider that their work affects their personal life and 1% more affirm that their company is a good place to work.

As a result of the conclusions drawn and the hundreds of statistical data reflected in this report, HR professionals can apply what they have learned to their specific case. In this way, they will be able to understand how to improve the employee experience in their companies and thus create a better place to work. In addition, this analysis concludes with the 7 main concerns of technological employees in 2023, strategies and recommended actions to work on them, and answers to the more than 60 questions that every HR professional has, or has ever had.

Here you can access Nailted's full report in Spanish about the employee experience in 2023: Tech Employee Experience Report 2023.

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