RELEASE: Make a digital menu professionally with

Madrid, October 13, 2023.

RELEASE: Make a digital menu professionally with

Madrid, October 13, 2023.- Businesses in the restaurant sector must implement digital tools to modernize their offer. Among these, QR letters for bars and restaurants are solutions that provide many advantages in customer service, as well as in comprehensive business management.

This is a type of menu that opens directly on the mobile device by simply scanning the code; Thus, customers do not have to wait for the menu, since they have it within their reach from the moment they sit at the table.

In this sense, for those who want to make a digital menu, is a platform that allows you to create this type of menu, in a simple way and at an affordable cost.

Speed ​​when ordering is an aspect that customers take into account, so implementing solutions that facilitate access to the menu is an excellent alternative, both for bars and restaurants.

There are those who believe that QR letters have high costs and are very complex to design, but the reality is that on the Internet there are several design and management alternatives that facilitate this process. Among the various alternatives, is a highly intuitive digital system that allows you to design digital menus and obtain a QR code for exclusive use. Unlike other types of menu, this can be updated online at any time, without the need to print another code, so that the available dishes can be indicated and those that cannot be served can be eliminated.

You also have the option of showing one menu per day, without having to pay extra, since the same network allows you to manage several menus. Even restaurant chains can manage all their menus with the multi-business option.

In addition to real-time changes, QR menus for bars and restaurants have multiple options, such as group reservation management, appearance configuration and usage analysis. The latter allows us to study usability data, compare dates and determine problems in orders that can be solved on the same website.

With all these features, bars and restaurants speed up their orders and increase the value of their service by up to 30%. They also save on printing costs, because the QR does not change with menu updates or variations.

In any case, QR cards for bars and restaurants offer an accessible solution, since by simply paying a small monthly fee you acquire all the benefits of the digital menu. On the website you can find out more information about the service, as well as take a free one-month trial.



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