RELEASE: Mattson Technology Responds to Recent Unsubstantiated Allegations in the Media

There is no evidence to support the accusations against Mattson.

RELEASE: Mattson Technology Responds to Recent Unsubstantiated Allegations in the Media

There is no evidence to support the accusations against Mattson

Applied Materials' reckless accusations are baseless and without foundation

FREMONT, California, June 16, 2023/PRNewswire/ -- Mattson Technology, Inc. ("Mattson") today responded to unsubstantiated allegations in a recent Bloomberg News article discussing the ongoing legal dispute of the company with Applied Materials ("Applied").

We recognize that false narratives like these figure prominently in our industry and in the business strategies of our rivals. The judicial process is designed to reveal the truth and we trust that it will continue to do so. We are very fortunate that these false claims will not disrupt our ability to meet our customers' needs.

Mattson remains committed to supplying state-of-the-art wafer processing equipment with high levels of productivity to continue to provide our customers with cost-effective solutions while meeting all applicable legal and regulatory obligations.

Simply put, the claims filed against Mattson are without merit. We trust that they will be resolved in our favor. The lawsuit filed by Applied Materials in this case was filed approximately 16 months ago and did not include any evidence to support the allegations made against Mattson. Despite a vigorous judicial process, no related evidence has surfaced since the case was initially filed, and none will surface in the future because the allegations are totally false.

The reckless allegation that Mattson hired employees leaving Applied to acquire its intellectual property is baseless and without merit. Mattson was right to hire these people. In recent years, more than 15 former technologists and key executives have left Mattson for Applied, and more than 40 former Mattson employees currently work at Applied.

It's also important to note that California—where both companies are headquartered—is an employment-at-will state, which protects an employee's right to leave any job without cause or reason. Therefore, it is illegal for an employer to adopt any behavior that intentionally hinders the mobility of an employee. Non-compete agreements, such as the one instituted by Applied in this case, serve to hinder employee mobility and are not legal under California law.

In addition, Mattson was not involved in or aware of any of the conduct described in the leaving Applied employees article. However, leaving employees rebooting company-provided phones full of personal photos and data, or not wanting to reveal their new company before joining, is considered normal employee behavior. who leave any company.

Additionally, Mattson did not ask any prospective employees to bring information from their former employer. In contrast, in Dr. Lai's case, Mattson made his hiring conditional on his agreement that he would not provide any such information, an agreement that Dr. Lai has upheld as corroborated by extensive forensic analysis that was submitted to the Court.

Applied Materials has had nearly a year and a half to support these unsubstantiated claims in court. He hasn't. It is disappointing that Applied Materials has used a highly respected news outlet as a platform to repeat these baseless allegations without any proof.

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