RELEASE: Maypharm launches SEDY FILL, a hyaluronic acid body filler

SEOUL, South Korea and NEW YORK, Aug.

RELEASE: Maypharm launches SEDY FILL, a hyaluronic acid body filler

SEOUL, South Korea and NEW YORK, Aug. 9, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Maypharm has launched SEDY FILL, a hyaluronic acid body filler maximized in effect to ensure customer satisfaction. SEDY FILL is an injectable dermal filler designed for non-surgical correction of body shape. The uniqueness of the composition of your product lies in the presence of cross-linked hyaluronic acid produced by the innovative HENM technology.

There is a wide range of hyaluronic acid body fillers on the market, giving clinicians and patients the ability to fully customize to their needs or preferences.

SEDY FILL has become one of the most preferred and widely used synthetic fillers in the world despite all the products available on the market. The reason is that SEDY FILL has been improved over time to enhance the breasts and buttocks, even with implants, fat grafting and other injectable fillers.

SEDY FILL is now sold to over 30 countries worldwide and is consistently chosen as the best choice for beauty enhancement.

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SEDY FILL's patented HA technology is the only technology currently creating a gel in a semi-solid state, providing long-lasting efficacy and enhancing product safety, as the pure HA gel produced can be easily removed as needed without leaving waste.

SEDY FILL has also proven to be durable. A single application of SEDY FILL remains effective for 12-15 months on average and up to 2 years with gentle care.

SEDY FILL can be completely removed with a hyaluronidase injection. While it can resist the natural hyaluronidase in the body for a long-lasting effect, any gel left in the soft tissue can be easily dissolved by injecting hyaluronidase directly into the desired area.

SEDY FILL technology has overcome stability and solubility issues that arise when the crosslinking rate is increased to create a safer product that is easier to remove. SEDY FILL retains 100% of the crosslinked HA and is a highly hydrophilic product with a stable particle structure.

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