RELEASE: Shanghai Electric Delivers First Batch of VRFB Products to Europe

ZARAGOZA, Spain, Aug.

RELEASE: Shanghai Electric Delivers First Batch of VRFB Products to Europe

ZARAGOZA, Spain, Aug. 9, 2023/PRNewswire/ -- Shanghai Electric Energy Storage Technology Co., Ltd. ("Shanghai Electric Energy Storage" or "the Company") announced the completion of factory acceptance testing for its equipment vanadium redox flow battery (VRFB) battery, which is now on its way to Zaragoza, Spain for a commercial energy storage project, marking the first time Shanghai Electric has delivered its flow battery products to a European partner in bulk .

Under the agreement with a local partner in Spain, which is the sixth subcontract Shanghai Electric has signed with the Spain-based energy storage solution provider, Shanghai Electric Energy Storage will supply customized VRFB products for local renewable projects. Their cooperation shows the market adaptability of Shanghai Electric's flow battery solutions, as well as its ability to offer tailor-made products to help European countries accelerate the energy transition.

Meanwhile, Shanghai Electric and local partners are also discussing the design of multi-system projects, covering the supply of standard containerized products and systems. The two companies also plan to cooperate on the construction of MW-scale projects.

Energy storage technology is one of the foundations of the renewable energy revolution and plays a key role in facilitating the global achievement of low carbon targets. Shanghai Electric, with its long-term track record in developing new energy technologies, is a pioneer in pushing the boundaries of battery solutions, spearheading VRFB product innovation to drive reliability, sustainability and affordability of power sources. renewable energy.

In 2023, Shanghai Electric made a significant breakthrough in the field of battery storage technology with the launch of the 500kW/3000kWh energy storage system, a new solution that represents an important milestone in the development of battery technology. vanadium redox flow (VRFB). By upgrading the VRFB's form factor, functionality and performance, Shanghai Electric has opened up new possibilities for renewable energy storage, empowering China and beyond to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and contributing to a cleaner, more sustainable future. sustainable.

The system employs a 65 kW high-power, high-performance battery, which is the largest single battery developed by China's local power company. The 500 kW battery features 4s2p configurations, making it the largest single module among long-life flow batteries in China. The efficiency of the DC side of the system exceeds 85%, and the overall energy efficiency reaches 90%, which reduces the cost of electricity per kWh to RMB 0.2 (US$0.028).

With its electrolyte consisting of water and inorganic salts, the system is capable of operating at normal temperature and pressure without risk of flammable or explosive hazards, offering 20,000 charge and discharge cycles without capacity attenuation over its useful life.

It is designed as a high-power, long-life energy storage system for wind power and solar PV projects, with its expandable structure helping to save 50% of land use. The module is easily transportable, quick to set up and deploy, and is suitable for locations with a temperature range of -30 to 60 degrees Celsius and harsh environmental conditions.

Equipped with state-of-the-art battery management technology powered by digital twin display and operation technology, system operating status is precisely monitored and optimized by intelligent algorithms that maximize battery protection, achieving O

Shanghai Electric's pioneering innovation in VRFB has enabled the group to win the China Energy Storage Industry Technology Innovation Brand Award and the China Energy Storage Battery Brand Award in 2023. The double recognition highlights the group's technological leadership in energy storage and its ability to develop cutting-edge VRFB products that address the future needs of the new energy sector.

2023 has also seen Shanghai Electric and China Vanadium Energy Storage Technology jointly start construction of a 100 MW/600 MWh VRFB energy storage station in Baicheng, Jilin province. Shanghai Electric Energy Storage is set to provide green, economical and efficient VRFB products and integrated solutions, helping to decarbonize the local economy while bolstering the development of Jinlin's new energy industry.

As Shanghai Electric Energy Storage continues to innovate in battery technology and expand its global market presence, the company remains focused on providing its customers with reliable and sustainable power solutions. Consistent with this commitment, the Company will increase investment in R D to further advance the development of energy storage technologies, improve the safety and environmental sustainability of its products and services, and pursue innovation to empower the world to reduce its carbon footprint and promote a greener future for all.

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