STATEMENT: Chengdu, a great finale

CHENGDU, China, Aug.

STATEMENT: Chengdu, a great finale

CHENGDU, China, Aug. 9, 2023/PRNewswire/ -- A Xinhua News: On Aug. 8, when representatives of the International Federation of University Sports (FISU) and the mayor of Chengdu handed over the flag to representatives of the Next host city, Rhine-Ruhr, Germany, fireworks erupted over the venue of the closing ceremony of the Chengdu Open-Air Music Park, officially drawing the close of the 12-day Chengdu FISU Games. 6,500 athletes participated in the competition, aptly summed up in the event's theme: "Chengdu makes dreams come true."

"Chengdu is the springboard of my dream," said goalkeeper for the Japanese team Ayumu Kinoshita as he left the men's water polo arena. Participating in an international competition for the first time, Ayumi Kinoshita and her teammates did not finish among the best of the best, but "every team has its strengths. Competitions allow me to see the differences in our ability and push me even further." to pursue my goal. I want to be a water polo coach and promote the sport in the future," he explained.

For Thai taekwondo athlete Panipak Wongpattanakit, her hard work paid off in Chengdu when she won gold in the women's 49kg final. "I have realized my dream in Chengdu, which is to win the gold medal, and I am completely ecstatic. My thanks to the organizers, because the facilities here are outstanding," she said.

Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province and a city in China's western interior, has drawn the spotlight for hosting the World University Games. Its magnificently "colorful" features with unique Chinese charms and Bashu's enthusiasm have fascinated people from various countries and regions of the world.

During the FISU Chengdu Games, "going for a hot pot after the competition" is a lively event popular with young participants from all over the world. Hui Ling Tammy tan from Malaysia has made no secret of her love for the Sichuan specialty: "I love hot pot, just like the passion of Chengdu people."

As China's super icon, the giant panda has a gentle, peaceful yet courageous character, embodying the harmonious temperament of openness and inclusiveness, fusing vigor with grace in a manner indicative of traditional Chinese culture. "I am very lucky to have seen real giant pandas with my own eyes. They are absolutely adorable," exclaimed Pavel Schbjbal, a Czech sports shooter. The giant pandas make up the most amazing and memorable part of his visit to Chengdu, and he didn't even mention the medal he won. Among the 11 "Chengdu Leisure" urban cultural tourism experience routes designed by the Urban Work Service Department of FISU Chengdu Games Executive Committee, the route offering the giant panda base experience was almost always full.

"Athletes from all countries (and regions) put a lot of effort on the field and encourage exchanges off the field. Interactions between different cultures are important, these stories that recover and transmit to more people will allow an increasing number of people all over the world get to know Chengdu better and understand China better. That is the magic of the FISU Games," said Leonz Eder, interim president of FISU, in an interview.

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