RELEASE: More than 300 young people from all over Spain will compete for the title of best virtual entrepreneur in the country

Madrid, April 17, 2023.

RELEASE: More than 300 young people from all over Spain will compete for the title of best virtual entrepreneur in the country

Madrid, April 17, 2023.- The national final of the twelfth edition of the Young Business Talents business simulation educational program will bring together a total of 346 young people from 79 educational centers throughout Spain on April 28 at La Nave in Madrid. who will have to fight for the title of 'best virtual entrepreneur in the country', in a dynamic contest in Business Game format, organized by ABANCA, ESIC, Herbalife and Praxis MMT.

The more than 300 young people from all parts of Spain are students in the 4th year of ESO, Baccalaureate or intermediate or higher level training cycles, and the autonomous communities that will have the largest number of participants in the final are: Catalonia with 48 students , Andalusia with 46, Galicia (42), Castilla y León (38), the Community of Madrid (34) and the Valencian Community with 30 representatives.

During the day of the national final, the young aspiring best entrepreneurs will have to demonstrate their entrepreneurial talent and management skills by having to run their own virtual company using an advanced business management simulator. In this way, they will become real managers and experience first-hand how day-to-day life is lived within a company.

To win, the participants will have to get the maximum benefits for the food company they run and make it the most prosperous compared to other competitors. To do this, they will have to make the best decisions in real time related to the management of the company and not go bankrupt, the same as the managers in real companies: define the business strategy, take into account the competition, changes in the market and different variables, as well as managing different areas such as marketing, finance, production or human resources.

“Thanks to this educational program, which has the format of a competition in the purest American style, thousands of young people have had the opportunity to experience what it takes to manage a company in real life. A new formula to experience the business world up close in a playful and complementary way to the theoretical training they receive in the classroom, and that benefits them for their educational development and future work”, explains Mario Martínez, director of Young Business Talents.

The 346 young people who have obtained a place in the final have had to overcome a total of 10,634 students from 389 educational centers throughout Spain who have participated in this edition. Since this business education training program began in November, all the young people have been competing virtually from the classroom and with the help of their teachers, overcoming different phases online. So that they could participate, a sophisticated business simulator, developed by Praxis MMT, with a value of more than 3,000 euros each, has been provided free of charge to the schools.

The teams that win next April 28 in the twelfth national final of Young Business Talents will distribute more than 11,000 euros in prizes among students and teachers, as well as accrediting diplomas. During the last edition, three Galician students from the IES San Tomé de Freixeiro in Pontevedra, won the victory after defeating more than 300 applicants from all over Spain.

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