RELEASE: Motorhome and camper: the best way to travel to Music Festivals this summer

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: Motorhome and camper: the best way to travel to Music Festivals this summer

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Madrid, April 26, 2024.-

If summers in Spain are defined by something, it is by the large number of music festivals that are celebrated throughout our geography. It is estimated that annually there are almost 900 musical events in cities and towns throughout the country. BBK Live in Bilbao; the Azkena of Vitoria; the FIB in Benicàssim; or Son de Camiño in Santiago; the Primavera Sound in Barcelona or the Mad Cool in Madrid, and a very long etcetera, place us as one of the 15 most important markets worldwide within this sector. The main festival audience is the age group between 18 and 24 years old, but depending on the type of music, people over 45 years old, families, etc. also flood the venues.

For this reason, Camplify, one of the main online platforms for renting caravanning vehicles between owners, highlights the main advantages that this type of transport provides to enjoy a complete festival experience this summer:

- Flexibility and freedom. With a motorhome or camper we have the freedom to travel at our own pace, just like when we choose the soundtrack of the trip. We will not be tied to flight schedules, trains or hotel reservations. In addition, we can stop at any time and in any place that catches our attention on the way to the festival and rehearse the dances to the songs of our favorite group.

- Cost savings. The complete musical experience will be cheaper since it may be better for you to rent a caravanning vehicle with your friends or family than to pay for flights, accommodation and ground transportation for a group of people. Plus, you can save on meals by being able to cook in the motorhome.

- An extra income for the summer. If you are the owner of a caravanning vehicle, in the coming weeks you will be able to find many people who are betting on traveling to the festivals in a motorhome or camper, so you will be able to rent your vehicle on the Camplify platform and have an extra income for the summer.

- Comfort and privacy. Having our own personal space at festivals is very comfortable. There are many advantages, but to highlight a few: not having to wait in long lines to shower or go to the bathroom; being able to cook at home on your back; sleeping in a bed (at certain ages tents are no longer the best for the back); being able to isolate yourself from noise when you want to rest; have your own shadow; be sheltered if you are unlucky enough to get rained on, etc. They are all advantages.

- Community experience. Traveling in a motorhome with friends or family creates a very special community atmosphere. Sharing the trip, the music, tuning the voices, deciding the look and experiences at the festival strengthens ties and creates memories forever.

- The route also sounds good. Traveling by motorhome or camper to the festival site gives you the opportunity to make tourist stops on the way to and from the festival, which further enriches the travel experience.

- Connection and respect for nature. Many music festivals take place in natural settings. Traveling by motorhome allows us to fully immerse ourselves in the natural beauty of the festival location and enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming or simply relaxing in nature. And traveling in this type of vehicle represents a more sustainable alternative to tourism since it allows us to live adventures closer to home and not have to use other more polluting means of transportation. Preserving, caring for and protecting the environment is everyone's task.

Flavia Robles Lorente, Head of Marketing at Camplify Spain, adds: “at Camplify we are aware of the importance of the concerts themselves. But we believe that a vital part of the festival is getting to it and returning home. The trip, the experience, the route, the friends, the songs, etc. Traveling by motorhome or camper to attend music festivals offers a unique combination of adventure, comfort and social connection that can make the experience even more memorable and enriching.”

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