RELEASE: Opinions on Google: the recipe for success for many restaurants

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: Opinions on Google: the recipe for success for many restaurants

(Information sent by the signatory company)

According to Opinas, in a world where the quality of the dish is no longer the only letter of introduction, restaurants seek to earn an ovation on the digital scene. Opinions on platforms such as Google or Tripadvisor become the new key ingredient for success, even before entering the premises.

Spain, August 14, 2023.- Today, offering exquisite dishes and first-class service is not enough for a restaurant to be crowned as a benchmark. The digital age has given an unusual role to opinions on the Internet, turning them into a crucial criterion for many when deciding where to dine or eat. In this scenario, platforms such as Google, TripAdvisor, have become main players.

The customer experience goes beyond the stay in the establishment. Once his appetite is satisfied, he has the ability to sway future customers with just one review. Experts in gastronomic marketing point out that this is one of the crucial aspects to stand out in the competitive sector of gastronomy.

"Facilitating direct links to profiles on relevant platforms, such as Google or TripAdvisor, can be the trigger for that opinion to be shared or remain unrecognized," says Sergio Polo, developer of Opinas, a tool that simplifies this process with QR codes and NFC cards that allow customers to share their opinion in a few seconds and also allows you to know how many reviews are getting competing restaurants.

Motivating customers to share their experiences online can make all the difference. While some opt for subtle reminders in the menu, others offer discounts for future visits. The ultimate goal: to encourage these experiences to be reflected on the internet.

But the work does not end when the opinion is published. Responding to these, whether they are complimentary or critical, is essential. This interaction not only shows the restaurant's commitment to its customers, but it is also an opportunity to demonstrate its desire to excel and adaptability.

Maintaining a constant activity in social networks and organizing events are other methods to maintain the interest of the public and get more opinions. With the competition on the prowl, each opinion on the web is a golden opportunity for restaurants to distinguish themselves and consolidate their position in the digital gastronomic scene.

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