RELEASE: QUAQ solution will power the "next generation" of vaping experiences


RELEASE: QUAQ solution will power the "next generation" of vaping experiences

LONDON, Nov. 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- QUAQ, a global provider of vaping solutions, today globally launched its latest generation of atomization technologies - QUAQ MESH, QUAQ CELL and QUAQ CAPSULE, a trio that is in the core of the world's leading vaping brands, including LOST MARY and ELFBAR.

This solution is intended to improve the vaping experience of adult users around the world, within the framework of a broader ambition to raise its own R & D capabilities to a new level and extend this trio of technologies to more brands in the sector.

Since its inception in 2022, QUAQ has put the best possible vaping experience at the center of everything, guaranteeing users in need longer sessions, a smoother mouthfeel and more consistent and authentic flavors, from the first to the last puff. This iteration further accentuates its mission, resonating with the fact that QUAQ-powered products have been shipped to more than 90 global markets and are widely recognized by more than 30 million users worldwide.

The QUAQ MESH coil, with its Bionic Honeycomb structure, helps deliver an intense burst of flavors and vapor almost instantly at 0.1 seconds, as well as flavor consistency and ultra-fine vapor particles.

QUAQ CELL is the industry's first integrated power unit. By bonding the battery assembly and printed circuit board, its power output is raised to ensure consistent delivery.

QUAQ CAPSULE provides instant freshness with greatly improved anti-leak performance.

"By 2023, we will triple the presence of end-to-end QUAQ technologies to deliver an unmatched vaping experience. This achievement is largely attributed to our rapid increase in R&D investments and an expanding R&D team of over 120 colleagues from different backgrounds"

"From day one, we have made clear the mission that QUAQ represents. We now call it a "triathlon" because each of the three pillars is very strong. This advancement is the latest in our efforts to carry out what is our quest to advance products as a true leader in the global vaping industry," explained Sam Fu, Chief Technology Officer at QUAQ.

QUAQ MESH: atomizer master piece for disposables

Shaped like a bionic honeycomb, the QUAQ MESH coil provides a more vigorous burst of flavors to users in the activation process in 0.1 seconds.

By controlling temperature variables within the optimal range of 220 to 270 degrees Celsius, MESH optimizes flavor reproduction through atomization. Thanks to the nanoscale etching applied to the surface of MESH, this technique allows heat to be distributed more evenly, resulting in a 30% reduction in carbon residue and improved flavor consistency of al minus 97%. This performance is maintained from the first to the last puff.

These optimizations help create ultra-fine 0.76 micrometer vapor particles, which have never been seen before. Unlike regular cotton coils with 2 micrometer particles, MESH creates more robust, denser vapor as high as 10 milligrams every 2 seconds.

QUAQ CELL: the industry's first atomizing power integration

QUAQ CELL is the industry's first atomizing power integration, combining a battery and printed circuit board (PCBA) in a modular design. By reducing wire loss, CELL increases power output, increases vapor volume by 20% and improves flavor consistency, while the innovative battery and PCBA integration helps improve thermal stability, thus that the flavor release is more stable.

This modular design of CELL also facilitates fully automated and standardized manufacturing, thereby improving product quality and reliability. It also creates a model for the dismantling and recycling of vaping product components in the future.

QUAQ CAPSULE: spearhead of the new era of prefilled capsules

QUAQ's pursuit of the best possible experience is not limited to disposable vapes. This new CAPSULE cartridge solution offers instant coil saturation. By inserting the bottom into the cartridge, the atomization coil is completely saturated with e-liquid instantly. This extreme preparation offers the best possible vaping experience to adult users.

With structural innovations and proprietary materials, CAPSULE addresses the weak points of fine vapor and inconsistent flavor in ceramic coils, reducing the wait time for flavor release in previous e-liquid coil separation structures.

Thanks to the new patented material, which can absorb e-liquid much more effectively, and an adapted air tunnel structure, CAPSULE prevents e-liquid leaks three times over.

Additionally, the CAPSULE solution incorporates a MESH coil, which is highly porous, resulting in better e-liquid flow throughout the coil. This results in the release of denser and finer vapor than that found in ceramic coils and maximizes smoothness in the mouth.

Since the first generation of the QUAQ MESH atomization coil, QUAQ has sported product updates for the ELFBAR and LOST MARY.

Looking ahead, QUAQ is bringing more scalable vaping technologies, better air tunnel designs and more front-end techniques to more new products in global collaborations with prestigious academies, research institutes and leading vaping brands in a bid to offer the best vaping experience possible to more adult users around the world.

About QUAQ

QUAQ, a global vaping solutions provider, began its journey in advancing atomization technologies in 2022. Since then, QUAQ has ventured into uncharted territories and has introduced its "triathlon" technologies in 2023. This will help drive the next generation of vaping products offering an unprecedented experience in collaboration with leading vaping brands.

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