RELEASE: Responsible investment in media, a commitment by companies to generate a real positive impact

October 26, 2023.

RELEASE: Responsible investment in media, a commitment by companies to generate a real positive impact

October 26, 2023.- Contribute to improving the world with concrete actions and help companies commit to having a positive social impact. This is the main objective of the Responsible Investment Framework, GroupM's initiative to make brands aware of the importance of supporting investments that promote real positive social impact that, in turn, help transformations. that we face today.

At a crucial time of constant change, consumers' purchasing decisions are no longer solely based on the price or quality of the products offered by brands. The commitment of companies to society is increasingly important and users demand responsibility and awareness of social problems from organizations.

According to Ícaro Moyano, Chief Strategy Officer of GroupM, “from the media planning sector we have the ability to make decisions to make the world better and I believe that there is a global mandate from the acronyms of WPP and GroupM so that we put that jacket and let's assume that responsibility and help brands find those fertile territories in which purpose grows and let's be translators of those purposes and messages to achieve a better union point between brands and consumers."

In this context, it is committed to promoting a responsible investment framework to go beyond economic results and business growth that allows it to value its responsibilities with the ecosystem that surrounds it.

This is how Ramón Alonso, Chief Investment Officer of GroupM, explained it: “our responsible investment framework is a purpose that goes beyond what we work on a day-to-day basis, which is to find efficient solutions for our clients. This additional purpose is to make us, with our connection with society, take a definitive step and take action to make it more sustainable.”

Juan Carlos Muñoz, Marketing Director of Volvo - one of the first brands with which GroupM is working on Positive Impact initiatives - also participated in the event, and stressed: “our positioning is changing. In addition to the safety of people, we seek the safety and sustainability of the planet, aspects that we increasingly measure.”

The campaign carried out by Mindshare for Lufthansa was also presented, where Greentelligence has been applied as a sustainable technological solution by Marga Castro, Digital Partner of Mindshare.

Real commitment supported by five pillars

The Responsible Investment Framework is part of WPP and GroupM's commitment to contribute to improving the world around us with deeds and actions and is framed in the company's current slogan “We make Advertising work better for people”, a reflection of the search of a positive social impact in what they do.

Responsible Investment Framework (RIF) is based on five pillars that represent the responsibilities that the company has acquired with companies, people, society and the planet in recent years:

The presentation of the Responsible Investment Framework took place on the WPP campus. During the event, a round table entitled “Responsible investments, a commitment for all” was held to learn about the vision of the industry, in which representatives of the main associations in the sector such as IAB, AEA, WAN IFRA, ARI, AUTOCONTROL and AM.

Jesús Carrera, IAB president and CDO of Vocento, on Brand Safety and Data:

“The European regulation in relation to cookies and Artificial Intelligence is going to lead to a disruption that will force all operators in the sector to work in a different way. We are going to have to analyze probabilistic models well so that they are even more responsible. The consumer has to understand that there are options and we have to explain to them what the value of privacy and innovation is.”

Begoña Gómez, technical director of AEA (Spanish Association of Advertisers), on diversity, equity and inclusion:

“Advertising allows us to have a true reflection of how society has developed and any problem we have will be picked up, has been picked up and will continue to be picked up.”

Fernando Yarza, president of WAN IFRA (World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers), on responsible journalism:

“Creating a more diverse and plural media ecosystem is a shared responsibility; We, the media, are going to do our part, but the agencies have a tremendously fundamental role in this global dialogue.”

María Wandosell, CEO and editor of Sportlife Ibérica and member of ARI (Association of Magazines), on responsible journalism:

“We have not yet understood that to be well informed we have to pay. Society has to understand that the better informed it is, the freer we will be in making our decisions and that only means paying for information.” Alejandro Prieto, director of the Legal Department and Operations of AUTOCONTROL, on Brand Safety, data and sustainability:

“Contextual advertising is being achieved; I think measurement is getting much better today. It is now allowed to evaluate a user without processing their personal data or processing the minimum data possible without the need to profile them.”

Leo Farache, general director AM (Media Association), on responsible journalism, brand safety, DEI, data and sustainability:

“We are facing a change in consciousness and I would say that media agencies are on the path to taking advantage of these changes to establish relationships with their environment that are radically different and more productive.”

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