RELEASE: Sinopec Launches World's Largest Green Coal-Hydrogen Chemical Project in Inner Mongolia

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: Sinopec Launches World's Largest Green Coal-Hydrogen Chemical Project in Inner Mongolia

(Information sent by the signatory company)

BEIJING, HOHHOT and ORDOS, China, Feb. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- China Petroleum

The project will use the abundant solar and wind energy resources in the Erdos region to produce green hydrogen directly, projecting to achieve an annual production capacity of 30,000 tons of green hydrogen and 240,000 tons of green oxygen, which will be used for abatement initiatives. from the adjacent ZTHC Energy coal-intensive processing pilot project in Erdos.

A milestone in Sinopec's hydrogen development roadmap following its green hydrogen pilot project in Kuqa Xinjiang in 2021, the project, the world's largest in the green hydrogen coal chemistry field, will further expand the capacity of China and the world's green hydrogen production, will promote the development of the green hydrogen industry chain and advance China's green energy goals.

The scope of the project covers the generation of wind and photovoltaic energy, the transmission and transformation of energy, the production of hydrogen by electrolysis of water, the storage and transport of hydrogen. The installed capacity of wind and photovoltaic power generation will reach 450 megawatts and 270 megawatts respectively; Hydrogen production by electrolysis of water will reach a capacity of 30,000 tons per year, and hydrogen storage capacity will reach 288,000 standard cubic meters.

With an investment of 5.7 billion yuan (828.04 million US dollars), the project is estimated to reduce carbon emissions by 1.43 million tons per year, contributing 600 million yuan (87.17 million US dollars) to GDP and 30 million yuan (4.36 million US dollars) in taxes.

"The project is vital to ensure China's energy security, build new energy systems, and promote green energy and low-carbon development in Inner Mongolia, leading to a new high-quality development roadmap that prioritizes ecological conservation and green development," said Ma Yongsheng, president of Sinopec.

The project has achieved numerous technological advances, including the production of hydrogen under fluctuating renewable energy conditions. Taking advantage of advanced clean energy production technologies (wind, electricity and hydrogen production by water electrolysis), Sinopec has reduced hydrogen production costs and improved system efficiency while ensuring safety and reliability.

Looking ahead, Sinopec, as China's leading hydrogen production company, will continue to advance the development of China's hydrogen energy industry chain with R&D of innovative technologies, a forward-looking roadmap and a comprehensive industry design.

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