RELEASE: The new Appian platform democratizes AI for process automation

The latest version of the platform improves end-to-end automation; new contract drafting solution simplifies government procurement.

RELEASE: The new Appian platform democratizes AI for process automation

The latest version of the platform improves end-to-end automation; new contract drafting solution simplifies government procurement

MADRID, Spain, May 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Appian (Nasdaq: APPN) today announced the release of the latest version of the Appian platform for process automation. The new version introduces AI Skill Designer, a low-code way to build, train, and deploy custom machine learning (ML) models. This release also introduces improvements to automation and total experience, as well as more streamlined data management through the Appian Data Fabric.

Appian AI Skill Designer enables developers of all levels to easily put AI to work and automate repetitive tasks, freeing up their workload and eliminating the risk of human error in data classification and extraction. The low-code design allows developers to quickly incorporate AI to optimize business functions, while leveraging the native AI/ML services of the Appian platform to provide automatic integration of AI capabilities. The Appian platform provides three native, out-of-the-box AI capabilities for content processing: document classification, email classification, and document extraction.

Appian Laborers' International Union of North America (LiUNA) client uses the Document Classification AI Skill to help address labor disputes faster and increase process automation.

"Appian AI Skill Designer helps us get real value out of AI without needing a team of data scientists to figure it out," said Matt Richard, CIO, LiUNA. "The low code design made it quick and easy for our developers to incorporate AI into our existing apps."

"AI is an essential component of the end-to-end automation that businesses need to gain efficiencies and differentiation in the marketplace. Other AI tools are complex and lack data privacy, prohibiting most organizations from gaining value of AI," said Michael Beckley, CTO and Founder of Appian. "We're removing these complexity barriers so anyone can train custom AI models without special skills, while ensuring AI training data is secure and compliant with regulations."

This new version elevates the total experience for all users with new features for portals, websites, and interfaces that make development faster and easier. The new functions are the following:

Appian Data Fabric unites data from any system into a single virtual data model, keeping the data where it is. This release includes Data Fabric enhancements to reduce the time and effort required to build powerful applications, including:

New Solution: Drafting Appian Contracts

Appian helps more than 200 government organizations achieve end-to-end automation for faster and more efficient services and programs. Today's announcement also includes the launch of Appian Contract Drafting, a powerful solution that complements the Appian Government Acquisition Management suite of solutions. Appian Contract Drafting enables federal agencies to digitize and automate the entire contract drafting process, reducing time and cost associated with manual contract creation. The solution includes a visual drag-and-drop interface, pre-built templates, and an automated approval process that ensures compliance and reduces errors. With Appian contract writing, agencies benefit from faster time-to-value while maintaining the flexibility to tailor and extend the solution to their specific needs using Appian's low-code design.

Appian government procurement management solutions can be easily deployed and modified in the Appian cloud, which is FedRAMP certified and IL4/IL5 compliant, leveraging all of Appian's critical capabilities (data fabrication, processes, total experience, and process mining) to modernize and improve government procurement management.

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