RELEASE: The perfect gift for Christmas: Solidarity Socks I am a Jewel

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: The perfect gift for Christmas: Solidarity Socks I am a Jewel

(Information sent by the signatory company)

Nicols Joyeros Artesanos Madrid 1917 and the children of the Querer Foundation have designed and manufactured in Spain the fashionable gift for this Christmas, solidarity socks full of love, light, diamonds and engagement rings

Madrid, 12/9/2022.- Christmas is just around the corner, and like every year you think about what to give your loved ones. Not any gift is worth it, you have to get it right, which complicates it even more because everyone is different, and although they want to be fashionable, they also want to express that they are unique.

For this reason, socks that are more fashionable than ever and are a gift that few people expect, but that nevertheless make a difference, and if they are also solidarity socks with which you can contribute to help thousands of children in everyone makes it the perfect gift for Christmas.

For years now, Nicols (, the renowned Spanish jeweler who has sealed the commitment of hundreds of thousands of lovers for more than three generations with his sustainably manufactured engagement rings in Spain, has collaborated with such a cause such as the Fundación Querer, a non-profit institution that helps children with neurological problems, so that both they and their families can lead as normal a life as possible.

With this collaboration Nicols commemorates 65 years making unique jewelry

The entire Nicols family of artisan jewelers shares the values ​​of this foundation based in Madrid and led by Pilar García de la Granja. Values ​​that can improve the lives of hundreds of thousands of children around the world, allowing them to express themselves and have a normal life. As a result of this collaboration and to commemorate the 65th anniversary of Mr. Nicols as a master jeweler, the Soy una Joya charity socks project was born.

In the words of Mr. Nicols "jewelry is an art that allowed me to communicate, develop my creativity and find my way in the world as an artisan jeweler from Madrid, and what better way to celebrate it than allowing children to communicate and express their creativity with the drawings of these solidarity socks full of light and color".

The children of the foundation designing

In the Soy una Joya project, the children of the Querer Foundation are the main axis of socks that they have designed with joy and love, together with Nicols Jewelry and Waves socks.

Based on a drawing contest inspired by the slogan I am a Jewel, diamonds, precious stones, engagement rings and wedding rings were drawn on super colorful socks that are not only intended to help the foundation with their purchase, but also fill the people who use them with joy, while reminding them that they were not born to be perfect, but different, and that each person is undoubtedly a jewel, a gem that is cut over time and whose legacy is passed from generation to generation.

Buy solidarity socks at Nicols jewelry

By purchasing these solidarity socks individually or in packs of four colors, you will be contributing to the Querer Foundation and helping children and families around the world.


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