RELEASE: Top 52: The best Digital Marketing agencies in Spain according to Google users (2023)

(Information sent by the signatory company).

RELEASE: Top 52: The best Digital Marketing agencies in Spain according to Google users (2023)

(Information sent by the signatory company)

The digital marketing agencies Dobuss, Uebea and Factoryfy top the list of the best digital marketing agencies in Spain according to the European Business School study

Spain, December 22, 2023.- Dobuss, Uebea and Factoryfy are the best digital marketing agencies in Spain, according to the results of the second edition of the study carried out by the European Business School. The research has identified the Spanish companies best valued by Google users at the national level and in each province. The objective of the study is to provide valuable information to companies in different sectors to develop their digitalization. To do this, data from hundreds of digital marketing agencies in Spain have been analyzed and classified based on two criteria: the average ratings and the total opinions registered by Google Business Profile users. Google Business Profile is one of the tools most used by companies to work on their online reputation. It is also the favorite among users to leave their reviews about the services they have purchased from the company. The study gives a score for reviews and average rating to each agency. The final position is obtained after adding the scores of these two parameters. This study has been developed with the data received during the year until December 19. To see the full results, click here. If there is something that companies have understood in recent years, it is that the digitalization of business is an essential strategic ally. Whether to achieve greater sales or improve the positioning and recognition of a brand, the challenges for digital marketing agencies are increasing. National Top 10 The top 10 ranking presents some changes compared to the 2022 edition. Dobuss continues heading the list, while Euboea enters the ranking in second position and Factorfy remains in the top 3. Softalian, Analyticamente and Global Multimedia debut in 2023, closing the top. 1. Dobuss (Córdoba)2. Uebea (Gerona)3. Factoryfy (Málaga)4. Pululart (La Coruña)5. Citysem (Granada)6. (Alicante)7. PZT (Madrid)8. Softalian (Valencia)9. Analytically (Zaragoza)10. Global Multimedia (Salamaca)European Business School The European Business School is a business school focused on activities that allow the real transformation of companies, always from a digital approach. All this through the implementation of methodologies that promote innovation, seeking to improve profitability through different training activities. Issuer: European Business School

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